Spring VIP Charity Ball 2021


Vistatec was delighted to be hosting the Spring VIP Charity Ball on May 19, 2021.

Hosts Dominika D’Agostino, Lara Daly, and Suzanne Frank were joined by guest speaker Professor Sasha Strauss of UCLA, USC, and founder of Innovation Protocol.

The unique event attended by many leading experts from internationally recognized brands highlighted the importance of incorporating philanthropy into the fabric of global organizations.

Professor Sasa Strauss is an international authority on brand strategy. Corporations, non-profits, universities, and faiths call on him and his team to create and communicate the organizational purpose for the world’s largest organizations and the latest startups.

A renowned international speaker, Sasha has been the lead presenter at some of the most prestigious conferences in the world. As a graduate professor for 12 years, he is directly engaged with the most decisive consumer minds of the era and uses their fresh insights to inform his latest speaking engagements.

Following an informative presentation from our guest speaker, a Q&A, and a general discussion took place where guests introduced and highlighted their passion for their selected charities.

Vistatec was delighted to be supporting various charities chosen by guests attending the event for the occasion.

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