March 7, 5 pm CET | 8 am PST | 11 am EST

The Future of AI is Human

with Professor Max Louwerse

In this episode, Michael J. Asquith is proud to host esteemed guest Professor Max Louwerse, Professor of Cognitive Psychology and AI at Tilburg University, to explore the future of Artificial Intelligence and the role humans will play in shaping it.

Journeying Beyond AI

In addition to AI this event will cover a wide range of interweaving psychology topics, including:

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Psycholinguistics (symbolic and embodied cognition)
  • Computational linguistics
  • Social psychology

Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the interconnection and interplay of these disciplines, as well as their impact on various aspects such as business decision-making, collaboration, and creativity.

Hosted by

Michael J. Asquith

Michael has been a visionary and strategic leader inspired by the power of collaboration in cross-cultural work environments over the last two decades.

He has been a key contributor to the architecture, sophistication, and innovation of measurably impactful Localization Programs to numerous globally successful brands. 

The Speaker

Dr. Max M. Louwerse

Prof. Dr. Max M. Louwerse is the author of the popular science book “Keeping Those Words in Mind: How Language Creates Meaning”. He is a Professor in Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University, The Netherlands, and a Professor by Special Appointment at Maastricht University and Principal Investigator at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. His work focuses on human and artificial minds. Louwerse published over 170 articles in journals, proceedings, and books in cognitive science, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, educational psychology and educational technologies.

Louwerse served as principal investigator, co-principal investigator, and senior researcher on projects acquiring over $45 million in both the United States and the Netherlands. His current research projects focus on embodied conversational agents, learning analytics, and language statistics.

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