Beyond Borders – Around the World Flight


Beyond Borders - Around the World Flight

From the air, there are few visible borders. As you fly across the globe, you don’t see the differences between people or the weaknesses that often stand between them. Instead, you see who they are.

This is the theme of Louis Cole’s Beyond Borders project. Through the film, two friends go on a journey around the world in a single-engine aircraft, taking in the uniqueness and diversity of various people groups while celebrating unity and how people worldwide are more alike than they thought. 

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Beyond Borders: Who, What, and Why?

Beyond Borders, which Vistatec sponsors, looks at different cultures globally. It examines who people are, what connects them, and what sets different cultures apart.

Vistatec, which offers translation and localization services for other businesses, helps connect those diverse cultures around the world—and we saw the benefits of that project from the beginning, which played into our decision to get involved in Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders shares the journey of Louis Cole and Pilot J.P. Schulze as they traveled around the world. With just 90 days to complete the project, Cole and Schulze took advantage of the opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and ask them a critical question: Which is more important: what divides us, or what holds us together? It looks at multiple cultures worldwide and how they might answer those vital questions.

The film shows both the companions‘ journey, including many of their discussions with one another along the way and their interviews with people from various cultures around the globe. It helps present the appearance and importance of globalization and unity when people are struggling more than ever with the things that tear them apart. 

At the same time, Beyond Borders focuses on the critical importance of that diversity, including what makes each culture unique. Through the film, viewers can take a look at the importance of cultural diversity and, in many cases, develop a deeper appreciation for their own cultures and those of others around them. 

The Importance of Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is so much more than just a buzzword—and just as Beyond Borders attempts to show the vital importance of that cultural diversity and uniqueness, Vistatec has worked to help provide a bridge for many companies and cultures over the years. 

Companies do not just get translation services that shift content into the preferred language of their customers. They also get localization services that consider the essential elements of those diverse cultures.

Cultural diversity has multiple benefits in the workplace and beyond.

Our world is made up of multiple ethnic, religious, and cultural groups

It’s rare, these days, for any group—including companies, schools, and even groups of friends—to have an entirely homogeneous makeup. Instead, those groups come from broad, diverse backgrounds. They have different habits and cultures. 

When people are never exposed to that diversity, they may quickly become more likely to reject it when they do see it. Ultimately, however, diversity is a large part of what makes the world beautiful—and including diversity in everyday projects, communications, and efforts can make a huge difference.

Diversity helps breed creativity.

Sometimes, simply looking at things from a different, diverse perspective can help breed creative solutions. Diverse people from different backgrounds and cultures often come at problems from different angles, allowing them to create a more varied range of solutions. 

By embracing that diversity, many organizations can provide more creative solutions to the problems they face most often.

Culture is essential to many groups of people.

For many people, culture represents who and what they are. They may feel a deep connection to others who share that same cultural background, particularly in cases where they have traveled a considerable distance from home. 

Understanding cultural diversity can help many people become more sensitive to the needs of those from diverse cultural backgrounds, which may place them in a better position to provide accommodations or avoid offenses for those individuals. 

Cultural diversity can improve productivity in many environments

Each team member brings their way of doing things, and their perspectives to the table, each of those is unique. Diverse teams have various tools to bring to any challenge or project. 

Cultural diversity in organizations and workplaces embraces those differences, allowing workers to use the skills they have at their disposal. Because different workers are naturally comfortable filling various roles and frequently work smoothly and comprehensively together, it can help enhance and improve productivity throughout the workplace. 

As a result, those businesses have seen greater overall engagement, workers who are more comfortable putting forward their ideas, and users who are more invested in their products and services. 

Beyond Borders continues to draw attention to that critical cultural need.

The Beyond Borders project helps draw attention to the diverse communities worldwide, including contributing to the greater global whole. When unity is becoming increasingly essential, people need to pull together to protect their communities, families, and the world. Beyond Borders is a documentary that provides a vital look at the need for culture and how embracing cultural diversity can help transform the world for the better.

Today, many barriers to cultural diversity exist; many experiences struggle with deliberate and unintentional discrimination. Through Beyond Borders, however, you can learn more about the importance of that vital diversity and how to make strides toward it in your own life or business. 

Vistatec continues to stand in support of those vital efforts. It’s not just about putting our name on the plane. It’s about embracing the opportunity to share more about the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace, in your efforts, and in everyday life.

Where Can You Watch Beyond Borders?

Beyond Borders is available on:

Are you ready to take a look at cultural diversity around the world? To learn more about the diverse cultures around you? to better appreciate people from various cultural backgrounds? And to gain a deeper appreciation for how that cultural diversity can potentially impact the world and the organizations within it if they’re willing to adapt and provide accommodations for those cultural differences? Check out Beyond Borders today.

Do you want to embrace that critically important cultural diversity within your organization? Vistatec can help take your diversity efforts to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you not only translate your content in a way that will embrace cultural diversity but truly localize your efforts to the people who are using your products and services in those languages.