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Episode 4 - Amplifying Belonging in Global Business Culture

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. Yet, according to a 2021 McKinsey & Company survey, 51% of employees who quit their job did so because they lacked a sense of belonging. So, how can corporate cultures foster the sense of belonging employees crave? In this episode of Cultural X, Host Michael J. Asquith asks Workplace Belonging Keynote Speaker Shelley Brown just that.

Episode 3 - Sustainability Culture and Global Business

What is sustainability culture, and why is it vital to global businesses? In this episode of Cultural X, Host Michael J. Asquith asks Sustainability Senior Manager Jeanne Riot about the importance of sustainability culture in global business.

Episode 2 - How Does Pop Culture Affect Global Business?

How does your taste in music affect your work ethic? Host Michael J. Asquith asks Iti Sahai about pop culture in global business and how influences the way we think and act.

Episode 1 - Global Baseball and Localization

How do you connect baseball with localization? Host Michael J. Asquith asks Zachary Haitkin about major league baseball and how global baseball connects with localization and culture.

Show Host

Michael J. Asquith

Michael J. Asquith
Michael has been a visionary and strategic leader inspired by the power of collaboration in cross-cultural work environments over the last two decades and he has been a key contributor to the architecture, sophistication, and innovation of measurably impactful ‘Localization Programs’ to numerous globally successful brands. 

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