Vistatec Sustainability

Vistatec recognizes the importance of being a sustainable business and strives to use sustainable practices wherever possible. 

These practices include using sustainable suppliers for gifts and merchandise. Vistatec people work in hybrid and fully remote environments worldwide, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are also proud to be engaged in a number of certified green projects. 

Vistatec is constantly working towards improving its sustainability practices.

The Importance of Bee Pollination

Vistatec, the global content solutions company, were proud to work with DCs for Bees (a Host in Ireland sub-initiative) to identify the need for more trees to be planted, helping to save the declining bee population.

Sustainability Culture and Global Business

What is sustainability culture, and why is it vital to global businesses? Michael J. Asquith, X Cultural’s host, asks Sustainability Senior Manager Jeanne Riot about the importance of sustainability culture in global business.