Machine Translation


Machine translation (MT) is a method of translation performed by a computer. The MT engine “reads” the input text and uses algorithms to generate a translation. Besides defining the source and target languages, MT is essentially automated translation. 

Vistatec is recognized as an industry leader in Intelligent Automated Translation and has a broad range of efficiency-based solutions. MT solutions can:

  • Increase project turnaround time by up to 40%
  • Reduce costs by up to 50%
  • Enable automatic translation

Vistatec’s Machine Translation suite of solutions facilitates the optimal translation of your content based on the required cost, quality, and speed outcomes.

Vistatec has received certification for ISO 18587:2017, which signifies a high standard in machine translation post-editing output. The company standing is enhanced by its substantial know-how in the Machine Translation and Machine Translation Post-Editing domain.

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MT Blog Spotlight

Is Machine Translation Ready for Life Sciences?

Machine translation is on the rise. As more companies adopt machine translation, there is growing evidence that translating first with a machine and adjusting with human revision is faster and more cost-effective than human-only translation. This article looks at machine translation within life sciences, why it is accelerating and what to expect in the near future.

Machine Translation in Life Sciences Localization

The broad reach of modern technology has connected businesses well beyond national borders and made available vast new opportunities for global growth. Practically every industry shows some potential for success via international markets, but life sciences are one that is particularly abundant.