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All Things Global – powered by Vistatec – is a webcast series bringing together various industry experts to discuss global, trending topics.


Episode 12 - A conversation with Professor Jason Mars about Generative AI and its impact on the future

Professor Mars

In Episode 12 of All Things Global, hosts Suzanne Frank and Dominika D’Agostino welcomed Professor Jason Mars, a distinguished figure at the intersection of artificial intelligence, academia, and entrepreneurship. With his profound expertise and innovative mindset, Professor Mars shared invaluable insights on AI’s evolving landscape, language, localization, and their implications on our global society. 

Episode 11 - How to Align Marketing and Sales: The Ultimate Playbook for the New AI Era

Mark Stanley

In Episode 11 of All Things Global, Mark Stanley, Marketing Advisor and 22 year Salesforce veteran shares the importance of and the keys to building strong alignment between marketing and sales organizations in the pursuit of world class customer experience and revenue growth. Hosted by Suzanne Frank and Dominika D’Agostino of Vistatec.

Episode 10 Holiday Edition - Adapting to The Great Pivot in Localization

Holiday Edition

In this webinar, we had a panel discussion centered around “The Great Pivot in Localization”. Our knowledgeable speakers, Joseph Holtman, Justin Thorne, Pascale Tremblay, and Phil Ritchie, shared their insights and perspectives on the current inflection point in global business caused by advances in AI technologies and elaborated on the factors shaping the future of the industry. Hosted by Suzanne Frank and Dominika D’Agostino of Vistatec.

Episode 9 - Helping minority languages regain status. The connection between language and identity

Soeren Eberhardt

Languages are more than just a means of communication. They are a fundamental part of our identity, shaping the way we see ourselves and the world around us. In this webinar, we explored the connection between language and identity and discuss ways to help minority languages regain their status. Featuring an in-depth discussion with Soeren Eberhardt, Global Site Manager at Microsoft. Hosted by Suzanne Frank and Dominika D’Agostino of Vistatec.

Episode 8 - Visiting the History of Localization to Understand the Future

Jon Ritzdorf

In Episode 8 of All Things Global, Jon Ritzdorf, the Senior Manager, Global Content Solutions at Procore Technologies, discusses historical events in localization that brought us to where we are today and where they will take us tomorrow. Hosted by Suzanne Frank, Dominika D’Agostino, and Bull Weber.

Episode 7 - Giving Back Globally

Carrie Fischer

In Episode 7 of All Things Global, Globalization Services Manager at Subway, Carrie Fischer, about her passion for giving back both in the context of her professional and personal life. Hosted by Suzanne Frank and Dominika D’Agostino of Vistatec.

Episode 6 - Globalization Game Over

Don DePalma

What is the de-globalization era and how does it impact specific localization functions? In Episode 6 of All Things Global, Don DePalma, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of CSA Research, discusses the foundations needed to achieve enterprise scale for future localization. Hosted by Suzanne Frank and Dominika D’Agostino of Vistatec

Episode 5 - Best Practices for Building a Global Center of Excellence

Nicole Kittle Broe

Before you can build a localization department, you must first evaluate whether the company is ready to expand globally. In Episode 5 of All Things Global, Nicole Kittle Broe, Director of Localization at Roku, offers her expert advice on building a Global Center of Excellence that supports your localization efforts. Hosted by Suzanne Frank and Dominika D’Agostino of Vistatec

Episode 4 - The MT Tipping Point


Konstantin Savenkov

After receiving his PhD in 2008, Konstantin Savenkov piloted various research projects at Moscow State University. Moving into the business sector in 2012, Konstantin worked with notable start-ups such as Bookmate and Mindojo, and became increasingly aware of the trouble global companies had when onboarding cognitive AI services. To address this issue, Konstantin founded Intento with Grigory Sapunov in 2016, in part with the distinguished Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator Program. Since then, Konstantin has led Intento into a significant growth period, helping major global businesses around the world procure and deploy best-fit AI.

Episode 3 - Words Matter


Álvaro Villalvilla Merelo

Originally Spanish, and Amsterdammer 
for over a decade now. A linguist by training, and word nerd by vocation, Al has worked across localization, content operations and brand marketing. 
He is forever a slow cyclist and happy camper who spends an unreasonable amount of time cooking. Fortunately, his girlfriend and two children are very supportive of his various passions, particularly the cooking!
Al is Sr. Manager Global Language Services at Nike, working with his globally distributed team to make all copy, regardless of language or cultural context, authentically and consistently on brand.

Episode 2 - The Homebody Economy

David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg is the President and Chief Economist & Strategist of Rosenberg Research & Associates Inc., an economic consulting firm he established in January 2020. Prior to Rosenberg Research, David was Chief Economist & Strategist at Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc. from 2009 to 2019.

From 2002 to 2009, he was Chief North American Economist at Merrill Lynch in New York, during which he was consistently ranked in the Institutional Investor All-Star analyst rankings. Prior thereto, he was Chief Economist and Strategist for Merrill Lynch Canada, based out of Toronto, where he and his team placed first in the Brendan Woods survey of Canadian economists for ten years in a row.

Mr. Rosenberg is a frequent contributor to most major financial newspapers and publications in North America and makes regular TV appearances in the financial media.

Mr. Rosenberg received both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Toronto.

Episode 1 - Grow Global While the World’s on Wait

Sasha Strauss

Sasha Strauss is an international authority on brand strategy. Corporations, non-profits, universities, and faiths call on Sasha and his team to create and communicate organizational purpose for the world’s largest organizations and the latest startups. 

A renowned international speaker, Sasha has been the lead presenter at some of the most prestigious conferences in the world.  As a graduate professor for 12 years, Sasha is directly engaged with the most decisive consumer minds of the era, and uses their fresh insights to inform his latest speaking engagements.

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Suzanne Frank

Suzanne has been responsible for developing and training the Vistatec global sales team in customer-centric methodologies. Her methods and contributions have been key in driving substantial growth for Vistatec.

Dominika D'Agostino

Dominika is a Strategic Accounts Director at Vistatec with 12+ years of experience in various roles in the Localization industry. She loves helping companies bring their unique stories to global markets and grow their business.

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