Reporting and Business Intelligence


As content volumes continue to grow at a relentless pace, localization product and marketing professionals must be much more aware of the return on investment (ROI). The ROI for all commercial and localization activities is important to all our global clients.

Vistatec is leaders in the provision of timely, relevant and accurate management information that allows decision-makers and key individuals to make informed decisions on their localization spend.

Measuring the success of your localization investment with real business intelligence and business analytics is critical to determining future spend and investment.

Vistatec has developed an array of dynamic knowledge management reporting platforms and ‘dashboards’ with real-time information on Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  This empowers you to map your localization spend and measure it against your key business and financial objectives.

Vistatec has useful graphs and charts along with our ability to data mine and visually represent the localization supply chain; track and measure the performance, spend and volumes across all languages, content types, products and suppliers.

We can measure and provide trend analysis on all the key elements in the localization supply chain including:

  • Language volumes
  • Product or content volume type
  • Cost per individual languages
  • Product or content type costs
  • Non-translation costs
  • Quality scoring
  • Metrics for delivery
  • Unit throughput measurement
  • Bug and query analysis

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