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With over a century of collective experience, these six localization experts have partnered with many of the world’s largest brands to drive global growth. Now, their wealth of knowledge and insights into the evolving industry landscape have been compiled into one essential resource.  

Safeguarding Translation Quality in the Age of AI
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An interview with Vistatec’s Monika Bugiel, Language Services Manager

Why Inclusive Language Matters When Taking Your Content Global and How to Achieve It

An interview with Iva Machova Smejsova, Global Language Program Manager for Strategic Accounts at Vistatec

Building Linguistic Communities for Global Brand Success

An interview with Justin Murphy, Head of Supply Chain at Vistatec

Choosing MT Tools and Automation to Localize at Scale

An interview with Vistatec’s Dave Boyle, Workflow and MT Manager

Beyond Translation: How Brands Can Think Differently About Content to Drive Global Growth

An interview with Sibylle Eibl, VP of Global Solutions at Vistatec

Simplifying Localization Workflows with Technology Innovation

An interview with Phil Ritchie, Vistatec’s Chief Technology Officer

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