Terminology Management


Constant Change

Languages are constantly evolving – even after you’ve worked on their translation, so your business’s terminology management localization strategy demands constant review.

Scale and share your message as your business enters globalization and expands to new regions. With the right terminology management approach and resources, we’re here to maintain and direct the arsenal of terminology tailored to your industry’s needs.

We have global, multi-language and native-speaking teams who can assist you in managing your corporate terminology environment. We provide industry-leading services in

  • Terminology and termbase management
  • Project management
  • Language review
  • Project software
  • Localization
  • Translation
  • Ongoing language quality management
  • Consultation

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Maintaining Brand Values

Vistatec has translated and maintained terminology in hundreds of languages and subject matter areas. Our resources include our global teams of localization experts augmented by cutting-edge language technology, with dedicated labs and offices from Eastern to Western Europe to China to America’s West Coast.

As your product or service becomes global, you will need agile localization, nuanced, precise and ongoing attention to ensure that your brand message and values will remain clear and understood. Language is our business. Constant evolution and innovation is our passion.

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