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In the normal course of business, digital transformation is forward-thinking. In today’s new normal, digital transformation is survival.

Millions of people worldwide are turning to digital tools and methods for work, entertainment, shopping and more. A digital presence matters now more than ever. At Vistatec, we help organizations go digital on a global scale.

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A global pandemic taking place in a digital world. Increased investments in mobile apps, digital platforms, and eCommerce sites. With less travel, and face to face meetings, we are seeing a competitive shift in the new abnormal. #DigitalFirst

Founding Partner at Beta Digital, Louise O’Conor, catches up with Simon Hodgkins on this episode of VistaTalks to discuss the important topic of digital transformation and how companies are focusing on a digital-first strategy. #DigitalFirst

Digital First

Digital transformation is one of the localization industry’s most bandied about terms and yet never has it been more important for us that our customers have made this journey or are well on their way. Over the past number of months, we have seen many posts about the winners and losers of the current global crisis. From where I’m sitting in my home office, I think of three types of companies in this context:

·       Digital Natives: Companies that were ‘born’ online, do all of their business online and continue to do so successfully during this time (alas with a few obvious exceptions, for example, the travel industry).

·       Digital Pioneers: IT companies that rely on B2B relationships that have had to rethink their go-to-market strategy in the absence of face to face meetings and conferences. They operate in the digital space and after the initial shock can likely recover and move forward with a more digital-oriented sales and marketing approach.

·       Digital Explorers: Traditional businesses, for example, retail brands and stores or manufacturing companies where survival will depend on their ability to move fully online. Unfortunately, this is where we have seen some epic fails.

We are all adjusting to this ‘new normal’ with everything happening online instead of in person, and although we know that this too will pass, I don’t see companies going back to pre-pandemic go-to-market strategies. There is no doubt that enlightened organizations will elect a digital-first approach for the long term.

Customer experience is one of the cornerstones of many digital transformation strategies. This means developing business processes, backed up by technology to capture data at every step of the customer journey so that you can build customer engagement and loyalty on a worldwide scale. We have seen this come into its own during the early days of the pandemic when those companies with the right digital setup were agile enough to swiftly adapt messaging and multichannel marketing campaigns globally with huge branding success.

Putting digital-first has become an immediate imperative instead of a nice-to-have. It will be interesting to look back in 12 month’s time, hopefully from an airport departures lounge or a customer meeting room, to see what approaches different companies have taken to tackle this challenge.

Aoife Murphy
Strategic Accounts Director
May 2020

The Global Dimension of a Digital First Strategy

Social changes, a global pandemic, and financial shifts are converging. The results are both short and long-term transformations to the digital experience for global businesses. Successful businesses now understand that their customers are driving and speeding up this transition. Across a range of verticals, innovators are already participating in a digital transformation for the long term.

Why the pivot to global digital transformation now? Big shifts in customer behaviors — what they want, and how they communicate — are accelerating with society and business changes. Fewer face-to-face interactions, the desire for more targeted communications, less reliance on paper transactional forms, and faster business cycles —- all point to the need for your business to offer more complete digital offerings.