Internationalization Testing


Internationalization software testing is a critical two-step process.

Internationalization Testing

Finding the problems before they emerge

Internationalization software testing is a two-pronged process. First, we test the software’s usability and infrastructural changes brought on by a new language, and then we examine the language for cosmetic and linguistic changes.

To start with, we test numerous combinations of languages and operating systems (OS). Unexpected user experience issues might arise from a new market using commas instead of decimals, different uses of capitals or accents, or problems with commands and responses. Problems become even more complex when software is confronted with new alphabets, grammar rules (text reading left to right instead of right to left, for instance) and currencies.

Our software engineering and linguistic teams will be there every step of the way, bringing a combination of the right consultancy, automation tools, testing tools, software and IT support and agile localization with an understanding of what is needed to prepare for a new language and new consumer base.

Category Leaders

Internationalization is one of our core competencies.

Our internationalization services include:

  • Internationalization consultation
  • Software engineering
  • On-site engineering and testing
  • Localization testing and quality assurance
  • User interface testing
  • Language testing
  • Web testing and web application testing
  • Mobile testing

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