Audio Recording


Vistatec’s global reputation for excellence extends to our audio department. With an ear for language, sound quality and effective localization, we guarantee speedy, cost-effective and perfectly tailored recordings for any project, whether it’s for a local or new market.

The production will be flawless; the voices will be hand-picked to appeal to the right demographic and region, and the language will be both clear and engaging. Every technical detail will be addressed, whether it has to be time-sensitive to a fraction of a second, consistent with a specific brand message, or adhering to specific production requirements.

Global Talent Pool

We believe that it’s essential for you to have the right voice talent for your message. To help ensure your audio is localized to the highest possible standard, we have an established, diverse global network of voice talent, sound engineers, scriptwriters and editors.

Audio has added an important extra dimension to many of our clients’ communications strategies. This includes e-learning and corporate training material, corporate videos, transcribing audio, voiceovers and presentations. We also provide high-end audio translation, transcription, and consultancy.

The Vistatec Difference

Vistatec takes pride in providing meticulously crafted, transparent and cost-effective service for all of our clients. Your audio message is important to us, and your audio content will be compelling, effective, and flawless.

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