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Organizations the world over rely on content every day to create compelling experiences for their customers. What sets us apart at Vistatec is our ability to take content, in any form, and align the intended impact and effective localization methodology, so that the end user experience and outcome is consistent or predictable regardless of language or locale.

Please review our articles below to see how we help organizations across the world.

Centralizing the Translation Solution

The merit of centralizing the translation of all content relating to a product or service using a single turnkey solution. Frequently in the world of translation and localization, the responsibility for translating product and promotional content rests with different owners or stakeholders. And often, these diverse stakeholders are not in tune with each other’s activities. Read More

Excellent Results on European Commission Project

Vistatec and its partners in the European Commission funded project “Framework of E Services for Multilingual and Semantic Enrichment of Digital Content” received formal feedback from the final review panel praising the project’s “excellent results with significant immediate impact”. “We are delighted to get this type of recognition for innovation at a European level,” said Phil Ritchie, Vistatec’s CTO and Head of R&D. “This project enabled us to bring our unique and innovative Deep Content service to market.” Read More

Brand Localization for Worldwide Markets

As the global economy grows, businesses and associations are looking to develop and drive their brands in many new markets around the world. This can be extremely unpredictable and challenging due to a large number of social and cultural subtleties of each of the new business and market sectors. The hidden dangers of erroneously imparting your brand-voice are significant. Read More