The visual impact of your content is critically important as you build and develop your business at home and in international markets.


The visual impact of your content is critically important as you build and develop your business at home and in international markets. Do your images and words captivate and inspire your local audience? Have you invested enough thought, time and effort in getting them right?

Our professionals are native speakers. We understand the culture, values, and beliefs of your target customers. Images translated and adapted will always be appropriate in the local context.

Image Localization

Image localization falls into two main categories:

  • Screen captures or screenshots (images of software or web user interface with text in the target language).
  • Text callouts and captions within illustrations that need to be localized.

Localized Screen Captures – the Practical Details

Vistatec can help automate the screen capturing process. This means you will get your localized products to market faster.

To create localized screenshots for your instructional or marketing content, we run your target language app – once the localization cycles are complete – and use our tools to capture the relevant screens.

Creating new, localized screen captures is a precise task that should be scheduled relatively early in your localization project. For peace of mind, localized screen captures should be on the agenda from the start.

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Graphics containing Text Call-outs or Captions – What we do

Any text appearing on images, within web design, design software tools, graphic design elements and website graphics will need to be assessed for localization. Ideally, the original multi-layered versions of the images are available so that our graphics artists can easily extract the text, send it for translation and then insert the newly localized text in its place.

If the original file format is not available we can also re-create the originals from the secondary, derivative files (e.g. JPG or PDF) and localize them.

Our team can handle any images from any application, and at any level of complexity.

Vistatec’s Commitment – Key Benefits

  • Speed: we get you to market quicker.
  • Local and global: we help you, in words and images, to communicate, engage and inspire each local market, wherever you go.
  • Understanding: we breathe and think like the locals, so your message is delivered clearly and accurately, in images and words.
  • Knowhow: we have the technology and the experts to help you succeed.
  • Localization experts: we are trendsetters and leaders helping some of the most iconic brands on the planet to succeed all over the world – 24/7.
  • Local success: we love the detail; we are precise; we help you achieve great local commercial outcomes and success.

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