The difference between effective and ineffective game localization is monumental. Your game and video game software can captivate audiences across the globe, or it can become a punch line for decades to come. Gaming requires that the gamer is completely and seamlessly immersed in the game, experiencing an alternate world with new boundaries and rules. This is why game localization and game translation is so important.

Choose Character – Who We Are

Vistatec has been creating and replicating immersive gaming experiences since the mid 1990’s. Our passion for language is matched only by our love for gaming. We know what it takes to make an iconic game a success in any locale.

From hardware to in-game experiences and conversations, from instructions to in-game text and marketing material, and from box art to end credits, your new global audience will play, understand and love your game just as much as your home country will.

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Pressing Start –The First Step

With a reputation for excellence and an intimate knowledge of the games industry, we’re ready to help you bring your game to the new target territory (TT).

We believe in transparency and fairness, so our first step will be establishing exactly what you need, discussing the project’s intended market and giving a fair estimate of the timeline and the pricing.

Our games localization team has extensive experience in bringing games to new users, whatever stage of development they’re in.

Crucial Save Points – the Vistatec Difference

Vistatec is a leading localization company with an ironclad reputation and an ever-evolving, cutting-edge team.

We offer:

  • Fully ISO certified solutions to the latest standards
  • Knowledge of both the international gaming industry and the nuances of territories and licensing
  • Solutions provision in over 150 languages and adept at copywriting, translation and localization

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