The Importance of Bee Pollination


Bee Pollination Contributes to 70% of the World's Crops

Vistatec, the global content solutions company, has partnered with DCs for Bees (a Host in Ireland sub-initiative) to identify the need for more trees to be planted, helping to save the declining bee population.

Bees are critically endangered yet are a crucial contributor to the pollination of our crops. They are an indicator for biodiversity, and once a species becomes extinct, the balance of nature is affected forever.

Members of the Vistatec organization nominated locations they felt would benefit from orchards allowing them to grow and thrive over time while also helping reverse the problem of a declining bee population.

Working closely with ecologists from the National Biodiversity Data Centre, DCs for Bees have created an industry-specific, purpose-built program to make lasting sustainable changes. 

Pollinators are essential to our farmers who grow pollinator-dependent crops, to our gardeners who want to grow their fruits and vegetables, and for the health of our environment.

An example of the locations selected includes:

Carysfort National School, Arklow, Co Wicklow: The 5th class pupils in the school, who have a keen interest in biodiversity, will plant and nurture the trees as part of a broader school initiative focussed on the environment. The school was nominated by Carmel Kinsella, Senior Project Manager at Vistatec. 

Griffith Barracks Multidenominational School: The school was nominated by Annamaria Leone, Senior Language Quality Specialist at Vistatec. The school is very focused on developing the understanding and passion of its students in all areas of sustainability. It has introduced a school garden to allow students to hone their skills in maintaining the garden and growing a variety of plants and trees. The school is located in an urban area that has seen a reduction in green spaces over the past number of years.

“We are delighted to be involved in the orchard planting, and it is encouraging to see the work that DCs for Bees and Host in Ireland have contributed to this important initiative. Vistatec is particularly proud to be involved this year, coinciding with our 25th anniversary,” commented Simon Hodgkins, CMO, Vistatec.

DCs for Bees is an industry initiative to help save the declining bee population. This initiative provides companies with the opportunity to make an individual difference and the tools to educate, advocate, create awareness, and take action.

Speaking at today’s announcement, Tom Murray, CEO of Vistatec, stated that “Vistatec is committed to ensuring that we conduct our business in the most sustainable way possible, contributing positively to the environments in which we operate. Our wider CSR program will see Vistatec continue to empower our staff to give back and engage in the important area of sustainability.”

Each year Vistatec takes part in worldwide corporate social responsibility activities and works closely with several charities at a local and global level. Vistatec employees worldwide are encouraged to participate and are incredibly proud to participate in this crucial area.

The National Biodiversity Data Centre

DCs for Bees


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