Vistatec Appoints María Roa Felices


Vistatec Appoints María Roa Felices, Marketing Communications and Events Manager

Vistatec is pleased to announce the appointment of María Roa Felices as Marketing Communications and Events Manager.

María Roa Felices has been appointed as Marketing Communications and Events Manager at Vistatec.

María has a double degree in Marketing & PR and Business Administration with a major in Marketing from Richmond The International University in London. She has 17 years of experience in Marketing and Events at companies such as GRUPO PRISA, the global leader in Communication Media in Spanish and SModa Magazine.

María has expertise in artificial intelligence and the customer relationship management industry. In-depth knowledge of managing a 360 marketing strategy, including rebranding, customer engagement, funnel creation, and brand awareness.

In the new position, María will be managing all global in-person and virtual events and coordinating Vistatec public relations activities. The Events Management division will drive all activities in collaboration with business units in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

“I am so ecstatic to be able to share my experience with Vistatec and support them through this amazing journey,” said María. “Our efforts will help to increase brand knowledge and demonstrate Vistatec’s leadership position in global content solutions and the wider localization industry, helping some of the world’s most recognizable brands.”

“We are delighted to welcome María Roa Felices to Vistatec. María’s knowledge and global expertise will help drive important international activities. María is an experienced senior marketing professional who brings a wealth of knowledge to the Vistatec organization,” commented Simon Hodgkins, CMO, Vistatec.

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