Localize Your Way Into the Fashion Industry


Localize Your Way Into The Fashion Industry

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We are releasing a new series of articles, “Content With Purpose.” Twelve dedicated localization-focused articles on helping you connect and grow worldwide. Last month’s article focused on maximizing your brand growth with localization. To celebrate fashion week, we gaze towards localization and its effects within the fashion industry. 

In 2013, a Spanish fashion retailer had to apologize after accidentally marketing one of its jewelry lines as „Slave Style.“ ‘Esclava’ is a Spanish word commonly used to refer to a specific type of bracelet. Even so, when translated into French, the word means enslaved person. Because of this, over 5,000 outraged people on Twitter lodged a social media protest against the retailer. In such a social media-sensitive industry, a quick translation error gave rise to an uproar that should be preventable.

That said, if luxury fashion brands want to grow globally, they need to speak to customers in their mother tongue. And that’s where localization comes in. Not only does it make content accessible in the local language(s), localization goes further by adapting it to another culture. 

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How Localization Can Benefit a Global Brand Within the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a global industry. Trends can cross borders from Paris to New York to Hong Kong, and luxury global fashion labels have been the forerunners of any international movement for a long time. Nonetheless, the emergence of a fast-fashion culture has made keeping up with new trends easier and more accessible than ever before for style-conscious buyers.

So, how can brands successfully sell their fashion lines internationally across different cultures and languages?

A Spanish apparel retailer has become a global fashion brand by investing in localizing its brand and advertising across various regions. The retailer’s design team collaborates with each store manager to localize each location’s product. Also, it ensures that its online customers can browse and learn about its products in their native language. The retailer has expanded from Spain to 77 markets worldwide.

So, how exactly does localization benefit a global brand within the fashion industry? Here’s an outline of the benefits that both established international brands and up-and-coming unicorns can accrue from fashion localization:

Increase in Sales

Some fashion brands overlook their international websites despite several studies showing that they can influence consumer purchasing behavior. 

According to a study by Common Sense Advisory, 72.4% of customers are more likely to purchase a product from a website in their native language. The study also found that 55% of global consumers prefer using their native language when shopping online. 

These stats show just how vital localization is for your fashion business. In short, when a localized version of a website feels native to that particular locale and market, there are high chances that your sales volume will increase.

Easy Entry Into New Markets

You may face many hurdles when launching your fashion brand in the global market space. They include logistical challenges, legal issues, and cultural and communication challenges. 

Whereas localization may not eliminate all these speed bumps, it can certainly help you overcome communication and cultural obstacles. Localization can help you avoid a potential faux pas that may be detrimental to your fashion brand’s image. 

By establishing a sound fashion localization strategy, your business will be able to gain traction in the new market much more quickly. Additionally, you’ll avoid embarrassing translation mistakes.

More Loyalty, Less Churn

Nelson Mandela once said, „If you talk to someone in a language they understand, that goes to his head. But if you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.“ 

Most often, when customers churn, it’s not because of your prices, but because they didn’t have a good experience. A recent study found that 56.2% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their language is more important than price.

Localization speaks to the heart. When your customers feel like you’ve taken the time to research wants and needs and not just present them with a one-size-fits-all translation, they are more likely to create a deep connection with your fashion brand and continue purchasing your products.

Customization of the Customer Experience

In most developed countries, people buy fashion products in bulk, based on both consumption and convenience. 

On the other hand, the same products sold in developing countries may not be affordable for most consumers, significantly impacting their sales. Because of these pricing constraints, fashion companies may package or sell products to make them affordable to the more significant market.

Drives Better Brand Integration

Localization ensures brand integrity by checking slogans and words for double meanings and finding secure brand alternatives. Fashion localization also thoroughly looks at the hidden messages your marketing conveys in graphics, numbers, and colors. What is acceptable in your country may be taboo in your customer’s country.

Accelerates Local Business Development

Let’s face it: marketing localization hastens local business development. Creating a demand for your products or services doesn’t guarantee success. 

Having a deep understanding of your audience and seeing their needs from their perspective is the key to creating fashion apparel in demand. You can’t attain this if you use the same standards for all your markets across the globe. This can be achieved by localized marketing based on extensive research.

It Increases Conversion Rates

Not everyone speaks English as their primary language. As such, if all of your content is in one language, you’re neglecting people who speak other languages. 

As a result, your conversion rates in such target markets will be below. Localization marketing can help boost your conversion rates. Studies have shown that localization can increase translation rates by 72%.

Wrapping Up

Localization is crucial to enter the international market successfully. But of course, doing it alone is a challenging task, and aligning yourself with the correct partners can make or break your localization strategy.

That’s where Vistatec comes in. We offer a wide range of localization services, including translation, language quality, content creation, media services, among others. What makes us unique is our ability to take any form of content and align the intended effect and sound localization strategy so that the end-user experience and outcome are consistent or predictable regardless of locale or language.

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