Lingoport Partnership


Vistatec and Lingoport Announce Global Partnership

September 12, 2017

Vistatec, a world leader in global content and localization solutions, and Lingoport, the industry’s leading provider of software internationalization products and services, announce their strategic global partnership which will facilitate working closely together to simplify software globalization and to deliver high quality and innovative language solutions for their global clients.

Combining Strengths and Expertise

According to Gartner, worldwide information technology spending will be approximately US$3.5 trillion in 2017, helping to power the global economy. Many major corporations, including the top software companies in the world, derive the majority of their revenue from markets outside of their home countries. Vistatec and Lingoport working together is of significant strategic importance as both companies help organizations go global by internationalizing and localizing their products and services.

«Internationalization is an essential practice for companies wishing to go global in a way that is efficient and scalable for their product development teams. It delivers content which is easier to localize, so it is very synergistic for Vistatec to partner with such a prominent player in this area,» explained Vistatec Chief Technology Officer Phil Ritchie. Lingoport’s unique technology and internationalization (i18n) expertise enable software developers to turn code into world-ready software that is easily localized in every sprint and release.

Adam Asnes, President at Lingoport, stated, «As global markets continue to grow, we see our partnership with Vistatec as a critical enabler to companies aiming to successfully expand their global reach.»

This partnership is an important milestone in the evolution of the companies’ goals to provide service and solution excellence for their global customers. The collaboration will enable both parties to leverage each other’s expertise and jointly create innovative solutions to help companies go global or extend their existing global footprint.

About Vistatec

Vistatec has been supporting some of the world’s most iconic brands to optimize their global commercial potential since 1997. Vistatec is one of the world’s leading localization solutions providers headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Mountain View, California, USA.

About Lingoport

Lingoport provides internationalization and localization products and services that help organizations build world-ready software that’s easily localized in every sprint and release. By promoting a process called Continuous Globalization, Lingoport’s technology and services are designed to help organizations bring development and localization together by transforming global software development. Lingoport has supported more than 300,000 software developers in the internationalization of their products. To date Lingoport’s internationalization software has scanned more than one billion lines of code. Lingoport is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.