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Salesforce Basecamp -Trailblazing

By: Kayla Kim

It was an exciting experience to attend Salesforce’s annual conference series, Basecamp. The sold out event was held at the Convention Center in Dublin on June 19th. The theme of the event was ‘Trailblazing’. The Salesforce team passionately expressed the different ways their products can improve businesses.

Basecamp commenced with several speakers from the Salesforce team. They detailed the improved functions of their products like Salesforce Customer 360, which can be used to enhance the customer experience. 

Customer 360 was expanded to build a holistic profile of each customer by using an integrative platform that links multiple departments. Sales, marketing, and service points of contact can all access the same data to create a consistent picture of the customer. 

This kind of technology is aimed at curating an experience for the customer that is deeply personal. With detailed information from previous experiences easily accessible, businesses can better serve the customer at future encounters.

Salesforce is highlighting the importance of using communicative technology, to enhance B2C relationships. We are living in a time where it is commonplace to see tech communicate with each other. 

The first Industrial Revolution occurred with the invention of the Steam engine. The second with the advent of electricity. The third with the rise of computing. Today, our computers speak to our phones that speak to audio players, home management systems, etc. This connected aspect of our smart technology is the cornerstone of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Einstein, an AI bot, is another Salesforce product that can be used to deliver predictions and recommendations based on the Customer 360 platform. Connecting touch points increases successful customer relationship management. 

Basecamp closed with a speech by Enda McNulty. Enda was passionate in his talk, with a knack for engaging the audience. At first most in the audience were visibly uncomfortable and refused to participate however, he eventually got them to engage in his energetic seated workouts! 

McNulty’s message was one in fostering a healthy mindset. He spoke about Carol Dweck, and her studies on fixed vs. growth mindsets. By fostering a growth mindset, challenges becomes a source of excitement, rather than punishment, because of the opportunity to learn.

At the event, Salesforce mentioned the new Salesforce tower that will be erected in Dublin in 2020. It will be built on the quays next to the Convention Center of Dublin, overlooking the River Liffey. 

With the emersion of a new building comes openings for 1,500 new jobs. Instead of their usual sky-scraping type of buildings, they’ll build four shorter interconnected buildings to house all their new and existing employees. Along with the new Salesforce tower, they generously plan to donate $1 million USD to Educate Together, an educational charity that runs equality-based schools in Ireland.

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