Think Global Awards Year Five Shortlist


Think Global Awards Year Five Shortlist

Think Global Awards is delighted to announce the shortlisted entrants. The awards program has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2018. This year’s theme, ‘Reimagining Culture,’ was chosen to spotlight the dramatic changes in our work life and how we interact with each other. There has been an unprecedented shift in how the world operates and how companies and organizations work.

Table of Contents

Brand of the Year 

The Brand of the Year award recognizes the brand that has demonstrated outstanding brand performance over the past 12 months. This could have been achieved across multiple channels, locations, or a result of a concentrated brand effort. The brands shortlisted this year have shown outstanding growth in various sectors.

Brand of the Year Shortlist

  • Balsam Brands
  • Secret Street Tours
  • Society of St Vincent de Paul, Ireland

Best CSR/Transformation Campaign

The CSR/Sustainability Transformation award was created to recognize individuals’ and organizations’ social responsibility and sustainability efforts. Positive contributions were considered alongside efforts to reduce the carbon footprint or an otherwise negative impact on society. 

Best CSR/Transformation campaign shortlist

  • Host In Ireland
  • Plymouth College of Art
  • Stone Group
  • Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc.

Best Digital Transformation Campaign

The Digital Transformation campaign is a new category introduced for Think Global Awards year five.  We have all witnessed and experienced the need to undergo digital transformation and pivot into other alternative areas to survive and grow our businesses.  This award will be given to the most effective organization in changing how they operated and functioned over the last 12 months.   

Best Digital Transformation Campaign shortlist

  • Salesforce
  • Society of St Vincent de Paul, Ireland
  • Vodafone

Community & Nonprofit

The Community & Non-profit award honors the best community-aligned project, website, platform, or service as well as non-profit organizations, individuals, or businesses that can effectively demonstrate their commitment to their non-profit-related activity or cause. The award will be presented to the most significant community or non-profit-driven achievement.

The shortlist for the Community & Non-profit category is as follows:

  • Amnesty International
  • CLEAR Global / Translators without Borders
  • LIFT Ireland
  • The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation
  • Open Kitchens

Education & eLearning

The Education & eLearning award looks for organizations that have adopted innovative learning and teaching methods using technology—showcasing proven results demonstrated in tandem with the organization’s educational mission. 

Education & eLearning shortlist

  • Ingenium
  • Roche
  • The Big Idea House
  • The Mad Science Group

Inclusivity & Accessibility 

The Inclusivity & Accessibility award recognizes organizations that promote an environment of both equality and mutual respect. The judges looked for companies and individuals who have made a clear and substantial contribution to making their operations, culture, and teams more inclusive and accessible to minority groups.  Each shortlisted organization showed a clear mission and outlined the steps are taken and results achieved.

Inclusivity & Accessibility shortlist

  • KinderWorks
  • Motorola Mobility Inc.
  • Secret Street Tours
  • The Big Idea House
  • The Open Doors Initiative

Language Industry Person of the Year

The Language Industry Person of the Year Award looks for individuals who have shown outstanding leadership, understanding, and innovation in the language and localization industry.  The judges looked for individuals who consistently delivered results, innovated, and led their organizations to global success through their localization strategies. 

Language Industry Person of the Year shortlist

  • Ana Vehar
  • Lucio Bagnulo
  • Lyena Solomon
  • Martiño Prada Díaz

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences award highlights Life Sciences companies that have shown a remarkable effort in development, progress, and innovation in the field of life-saving medicine, medical devices, medical research, pharmaceuticals, and any other health-related science.  This vital industry deserves special recognition to honor the important and, in some cases, life-saving advancements in health science.

Life Sciences shortlist

  • Clinical Pharmacist Solutions
  • Daman
  • Equine MediRecord 
  • Global Heart Hub


The Marketing Award recognizes an individual, company, or brand who has demonstrated creativity and excellence in local or global marketing activities.  The judges were looking for excellence in storytelling or engagement backed by data that shows the strategy’s effectiveness.  

Marketing category shortlist

  • Rehook
  • Reload Media
  • Stone Group
  • Treepoints

Outstanding Hybrid/Virtual Event

This year saw the inclusion of another new category which commemorated how we all were forced to rethink our event plans and meetings in a virtual setting. The Outstanding Hybrid/Virtual Event award highlighted companies and individuals who showed outstanding engagement and out-of-the-box thinking around virtual and hybrid event execution and delivery. 

Outstanding Hybrid/Virtual Event shortlist

  • eThentique Ltd.
  • Nutritics
  • Polestar
  • Wowzitude

Process Automation

The Process Automation award recognizes significant productivity achievements through process automation. Companies or individuals who have executed results-driven strategies and automation created smoother operations, increased productivity, and improved efficiency. 

Process Automation shortlist

  • BeLazy
  • Chargebee
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Sony

Professional Services

The Professional Services award looks for Individuals, teams, and organizations that successfully delivered consistently high results of their chosen professional service.  The judges looked at strategies put in place, challenges encountered, and results achieved as part of outstanding professional service.

Professional Services shortlist

  • Amnesty International
  • Exclaimer
  • Hoxby
  • Lion People Global
  • Spark Digital & Analytics Limited («Spark»)

Retail & eCommerce

The Retail & eCommerce award pays tribute to the people who have faced several fast changes impacting the sector.  The judges were looking for the best retail or eCommerce company, brand, person, or service that exhibited an ability to think globally and show evidence of operating effectively in this hyper-competitive and ever-changing landscape, irrespective of location or scale.

Retail & eCommerce shortlist

  • Eclipse
  • Net World Sports
  • Rehook
  • Society of St Vincent de Paul, Ireland


The Start-Up category was one that the judges were particularly excited to adjudicate over. This award highlights a Start-Up organization, individual, or team that has demonstrated an ability to think global from day one.  The winning entry will have shown a willingness to grow, develop and quickly become the ‘one to watch’ in their respective industry.

Start-Up shortlist

  • Cytosimilars
  • LastBasic
  • Motion Metrics Ltd
  • Neucruit
  • Spark Digital & Analytics Limited («Spark»)
  • SmartFox Technologies™
  • Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc.


The Technology award highlights companies and individuals that have specialized and delivered an outstanding technology orientated service, product, or innovation. Those shortlisted provided compelling evidence of the impact of their technology in terms of achievement and innovation.

Technology shortlist

  • Adapttech Limited
  • CloudPay
  • Feast It
  • MICA Biosystems
  • Salt Communications
  • Snap Finger Click
  • Stone Group
  • Tutorful


The Travel Award highlighted brands, companies, and individuals in the travel and hospitality sector. Many companies within this sector faced unthinkable challenges forcing a complete change of strategy. The judges were particularly keen to see the creative travel-related initiatives undertaken during a time of crisis for the industry and demonstrated ingenuity and development. 

Travel shortlist

  • Sanctifly Ltd
  • Travelzoo
  • WhereIsMyTransport
  • Wowzitude


About Think Global Awards

Think Global Awards are excited to be celebrating its fifth year of recognizing global success in individuals and organizations. The awards program has gone from strength to strength each year since its inception in 2018. The awards are a sister brand to The Think Global Forum, a thought leadership community that focuses on the diverse aspects of global business across major industry sectors.

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