Meet our Director of Life Sciences: Kara Bolt


Meet Vistatec's Director of Life Sciences - Kara Bolt

Vistatec was founded on the passion of accelerating global commercial success in business and
technology, connecting international audiences with compelling content and product
experiences from various brands and companies. Although we prioritize fast-tracking brands to
the market with reduced cost and overhead, we genuinely value the connection,
communication, and bond built between global brands and their audiences in our work.
To continue building that bond, we have assembled a series of interviews geared towards
shining a light on our expert employees and their fantastic work with Vistatec

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Kara Bolt is a multilingual (German, Spanish, and English) expert in localization and translation
at Vistatec. She currently lives in Colorado, United States, where she enjoys the view of
surrounding mountains from her home and how dog-friendly the areas are in her neighborhood.

When she’s not pursuing her dream at Vistatec, you can find her volunteering at a non-profit organization called The Wild Animal Sanctuary, located in Keenesburg, Colorado, just about
every weekend.

Kara explains that “it is an organization that rescues large carnivores from horrific captive situations from all over the world. They rehabilitate them and provide them with large natural
habitats where they are free to roam with others of their kind.”

What got you interested in the localization and translation

I’ve always been interested in other languages and cultures. I discovered the localization and translation industry while pursuing a Modern Languages degree and have been involved, in some way, ever since.

What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone aspiring to work within the localization and translation industry?

Curiosity and an open mind are imperative. A common saying used in the industry is that “translation is an art and not a science,” and that still holds true. I have also found that being curious, asking “what if…” and “why not…” and having an open mind have enabled me to evolve in my career.

How long have you been working for Vistatec, and how
has the company evolved over that time?

I’ve been with Vistatec for two years. Vistatec has evolved quite a bit in the short time I’ve been with the company. There have been a lot of internal developments with our technology platforms
and more significant impact changes in terms of establishing the Life Sciences division and growing our business in other sectors.

Tell me a bit about your role and key responsibilities as Vistatec’s Director of Life Sciences?

My role is multifaceted. I am responsible for our Life Sciences division. I collaborate with various teams to ensure our processes are compliant and monitor the overall health of the business that
we conduct with our life sciences customers.

Additionally, I partner with our customers to advise
on localization best practices and look for technology and solutions that help meet their
own KPIs.

What’s a typical day in Vistatec look like to you?

My days usually have an early start so that I can overlap with my colleagues and customers in Europe. I typically have a mix of initiatives within the Life Sciences division that include collaboration with our customers.

What is your most memorable experience, and what do you like while working for Vistatec?

My colleagues are phenomenal. I appreciate the work-life balance and the opportunity for development and expanding my contribution to the company.

What’s one professional skill you’re currently
learning/working on?

The life sciences industry is constantly evolving, so there isn’t a time when I am not learning something. I’ve found it important to keep up to date on all the changes and trends developing in the industry, especially from a regulatory standpoint.

The MDR/IVDR mandates have resulted in significant changes in the industry. The pandemic affected us all, but there have also been amazing innovations that will forever change how we work in the future. For example, companies executing clinical trials during the pandemic had to deal with massive delays and disruptions in terms of trial management and providing their
products to patients.

As a result, many companies have had to consider the use of technology, and specifically
telemedicine, in a different way. All this while also being compliant with the good clinical practices mandate. It has been interesting to see how companies adjust and find ways around the disruption to continue supporting their patients.

Vistatec’s Localization and Translation Services

Because of employees like Kara Bolt, who is so passionate about what she does, Vistatec’s
Localization and Translation services are among the best in the industry. While our success over the last two decades has been built on bringing commercial success to our clients through services such as translation, localization, content creation, consultancy, language quality, and more—it is our fantastic staff that has genuinely driven Vistatec to the top.