Meet our Program Manager: Heather Cunningham

Unlike other people who are tech engineers, linguists, or QA people, Heather Cunningham ventured into the localization industry with an administrative background. However, the moment Heather got connected to the global community, she was completely hooked and wanted to learn everything she could.
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Globalize Your Content With Localization

In a competition for the most used word in the marketing world, personalization would be a medallist. Personalized content is the key to serving your offer on a silver platter and pushing clients down the sales funnel. Personalized content marketing doesn’t just involve creating content aimed at narrow segments of the target audience, but it also involves careful localization.
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Meet our Director of Life Sciences: Kara Bolt

Kara Bolt is a multilingual (German, Spanish, and English) expert in localization and translation at Vistatec. She currently lives in Colorado, United States, where she enjoys the view of surrounding mountains from her home and how dog-friendly the areas are in her neighbourhood. … Continue readingMeet our Director of Life Sciences: Kara Bolt

Beyond Borders – Around the World Flight

Sponsored by Vistatec, Beyond Borders shares the journey of Louis Cole and Pilot J.P. Schulze as they travelled around the world. With just 90 days to complete the project, Cole and Schulze took advantage of the opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and ask them a critical question: Which is more important: what divides us, or what holds us together? … Continue readingBeyond Borders – Around the World Flight

VistaTalks Rewind, Looking Back at 2021 – VistaTalks Ep 77

In this special VistaTalks Rewind episode, Simon Hodgkins, María Roa, Gregory Twohig, and Jordan Knights look back over the entire year of episodes and highlight important topics and discussions that stood out to them. We are delighted to host the second year of the ‘rewind’ episode that takes time to look back at some of the stories and people that joined the show over the last twelve months. … Continue readingVistaTalks Rewind, Looking Back at 2021 – VistaTalks Ep 77