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How to Overcome the Need for Data for Low-Resource Languages

Neural machine translation (NMT) has revolutionized the language services industry, enabling providers to deliver large volumes of translated content quickly, affordably, and accurately. This presents a problem for low-resource languages (LRLs) that need more linguistic resources, such as extensive parallel corpora, annotated data, and pre-trained language models. … Continue readingHow to Overcome the Need for Data for Low-Resource Languages

The Art of Dubbing

We have entered the age of global video. As national video consumption barriers continue to erode, new approaches are necessary to optimize the user experience.
Enter video dubbing, a concept that has increased in some countries for decades but is just making its name in others. When done correctly, it is a perfect example of audio localization within individual videos.
That means treating dubbed videos’ translation and recording as an art form. What is the rise of dubbing, and how can you leverage it?
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What Is MTPE?

Almost 40% of marketers now use machine translation in their localization efforts. While that strategy brings undeniable benefits, its drawbacks can be just as significant. Fast work only matters when it does not come at the expense of accuracy.
Enter Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE), a process that seeks to retain the benefits of machine translation while adding the human element back into the equation. This guide will explore the nuances of MTPE while sharing some best practices to maximize its advantages in your translation and localization strategy. … Continue readingWhat Is MTPE?

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What Makes a Good Linguistic Professional?

This guide will help you understand what makes a good linguistic professional, why using a professional with these qualities is so important, and how choosing the right multilingual partner can benefit not just individual translation efforts but your entire localization strategy. … Continue readingWhat Makes a Good Linguistic Professional?

How Speaking Multiple Languages Benefits Diverse Communities – VistaTalks Ep 91

What are the inherent benefits of being multilingual? In this episode, guest Tatyana Sergeyeva joins host Simon Hodgkins. Tatyana is the Vice President, Credit Cards & Retail Services at Wells Fargo and is on the WorldChicago Board of Directors. … Continue readingHow Speaking Multiple Languages Benefits Diverse Communities – VistaTalks Ep 91