How Speaking Multiple Languages Benefits Diverse Communities – VistaTalks Ep 91


How Speaking Multiple Languages Benefits Diverse Communities - Episode 91

In this episode, guest Tatyana Sergeyeva joins host Simon Hodgkins. Tatyana is the Vice President, Credit Cards & Retail Services at Wells Fargo and is on the WorldChicago Board of Directors. She is fluent in five languages and has lived in five countries. Tatyana’s experience includes international consulting, financial services, content strategy, e-learning, and publishing.

Tatyana’s life has “danced” around languages, and she begins by sharing when she knew the language industry would be part of her career path. We discuss working as a teacher, moving into the editorial world, and then the localization Industry.

We discuss how Tatyana is on the Board of Directors at WorldChicago, an organization celebrating over seventy years since its foundation. WorldChicago’s mission is to facilitate professional and personal interaction for international leaders during official visits to Chicago, to enhance respect and communication through international exchanges and alliances, and; to promote the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, and the County of Cook as important business and cultural centers.

Citizen Diplomacy is the idea that individuals have the right and responsibility to help shape U.S. foreign relations through person-to-person interactions with citizens of other countries (Center for Citizen Diplomacy).

At Wells Fargo, Tatyana is the Vice President, Credit Cards & Retail Services, and in the discussion, we touch on the changes in the financial landscape and broader industry. We are seeing tremendous global changes within the whole economic and fintech world, and Wells Fargo has a front-row seat to these financial changes as a worldwide leader in the finance sector. Tatyana shares how her career at Wells Fargo started as part of the corporate communications team, partially due to her knowledge of Spanish.

This initial team’s focus is on diverse segment communications. Tatyana explains how a U.S. bank must cater to various segments, not only linguistic diversity. The team covered Hispanic and Asian languages, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, veterans, and many other areas and groups.

Other topics include the gap in financial literacy, languages, product launches, and ensuring the delivery of the right product for a communities needs. We conclude the discussion with an opportunity from WorldChicago. Tatyana explains The Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI), a U.S. Department of State flagship program for emerging entrepreneurs from Europe. A cohort of young European entrepreneurs from 45 countries will participate in a robust fellowship program in 2022. Please check the WordChicago and YTILI websites to discover how to get involved in future events and initiatives.