Globalization: Concept, Cause, and Consequences

Globalization is the increasing interconnectedness of countries, cultures, and economies around the globe. Borders across countries and even companies are becoming less restrictive as trade, information flow, and people move more freely from one to the other.

Globalization stretches across many different concepts and topical areas. … Continue readingGlobalization: Concept, Cause, and Consequences

creating a localization department

Creating a Localization Department – VistaTalks Ep 110

In this episode, Alfonso González Bartolessis joins host María Roa. Alfonso is a localization professional who has developed his career as a translator, translation manager, and university teacher. He has founded and co-founded several companies and currently works as a Senior Localization Manager in Germany for Sinch. Alfonso has created the localization department for more than nine languages and developed the current translation workflow. He is also TranslaStars CEO, an online learning platform for language lovers with translation, localization, globalization, and interpreting courses. Alfonso shares how he got into the world of language, translation, and localization, including his early experiences in Spain and the United States. … Continue readingCreating a Localization Department – VistaTalks Ep 110

A Special Rewind Episode – VistaTalks Ep 107

In this special episode, Simon Hodgkins, María Roa, Meredith Hutchinson, and Daniela Fogaça look back over the previous 12 months of podcast episodes. Simon, Maria, Meredith, and Daniela highlight examples of their favorite topics and discussions. Take a listen to this special episode of the podcast! … Continue readingA Special Rewind Episode – VistaTalks Ep 107