A Special Rewind Episode – VistaTalks Ep 107


A Special Rewind Episode - VistaTalks Ep 107

In this special episode of VistaTalks, Simon Hodgkins, María Roa, Meredith Hutchinson, and Daniela Fogaça look back over the previous 12 months of podcast episodes. Simon, Maria, Meredith, and Daniela highlight examples of their favorite topics and discussions. Take a listen to this special episode of the podcast!

The VistaTalks podcast has recently passed 100 episodes, this is quite a milestone, and the team explains how proud they are of achieving this milestone for the show.

The podcast is pleased to be recognized for several podcast awards during the year.

Meredith kicks off the discussion by speaking about episode 100 with Jessica Huie. 

Forbes describes Jessica as one of ‘UK’s Most Influential Women On True Success.’ Jessica is a PR powerhouse and maverick entrepreneur and has an MBE for Services to Entrepreneurship and contribution to diversity. Jessica’s acclaimed first book, PURPOSE, was published by Hay House and named ‘One of the UK’s Best Business Books Written by Women’ by The Telegraph Newspaper. The PURPOSE Retreats take place twice each year in Jamaica and the UK. 

Daniela discusses episode 91 with Tatyana Sergeyeva, Vice President of Credit Cards & Retail Services at Wells Fargo. Tatyana is on the WorldChicago Board of Directors and is fluent in five languages. Tatyana’s experience includes international consulting, financial services, content strategy, e-learning, and publishing.

Co-host María Roa has interviewed many people on the podcast, and she shares her thoughts on episode 99 with Kristina Sheikh. Kristine is a former Sr. Director of International Expansion at PandaDoc, and the Vice President of Marketing at RedTeam Software. María explains how this episode is part of a unicorn series and highly recommends it.

Meredith shares another unicorn episode from the series –  Episode 98 with Diana Georgieva, the Senior Localization Manager at Pleo and responsible for building the localization team and Pleo’s localization program.

Simon Hodgkins discusses several episodes, including episode 90 with Carolyn Kremins. Carolyn played a vital role in launching and rebuilding some of the most well-known media brands, including Epicurious, Condé Nast Traveller, The Week, Cookie, Brides, and Maxim. Carolyn is the President of Skift, the most influential brand in global travel. 

Other episodes mentioned include CMO Timea Kadar and the episode with CEO Valerie Brown. Val has helped well-known brands, including Hard Rock Cafe, City Winery, Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame, and MTV. 

Daniela recalls a special episode with Anna Schlegel, Silvia Avary, and Eva Klaudinyova from Women in Localization, who joined host María Roa to discuss empowering women, diversity, and inclusion. María shares episode 82 with Alen Juginović, M.D., Harvard Medical School Postdoc (Sleep Neurobiology), who joined host Simon Hodgkins to discuss his role in sleep medicine, more specifically, the effects of sleep medicine and sleep deprivation on health. 

An additional episode highlighted by María includes episode 103 with Dr. Simon Moore. Simon is a Chartered Business and Consumer Psychologist and CEO of the award-winning psychology strategy consultancy, Innovationbubble. Simon and his psychology team have advised well-known global brands such as FedEx, Pfizer, Microsoft, Sony, Aviva, Ericcson, Sony Music, Virgin Atlantic, and Bupa about understanding human decision-making, behavior, and decisions.

Other episodes discussed on this special rewind episode of the VistaTalks podcast include episode 78 with Mark Henry, Author and Central Marketing Director of Tourism Ireland. Episode 101 with Doyle Buehler, Chief Expedition Officer, and episode 75 with Nataly Kelly, the VP of Localization at Hubspot, a published author with Penguin Random House, and a board member at Multilingual magazine. Nataly is the author of Born to be Global, a well-known blog in the language industry, and a contributor to Harvard Business Review. 

María includes an interesting discussion with guest Ulrich Henes, President of The Localization Institute, who joined host Simon Hodgkins on episode 80 to discuss Localization World, The Localization Institute, Brand2Global, LocWorldWide Africa, Multilingual Magazine, and other language industry topics. Ulrich is one of the most recognized names in international business and localization.