The Process Innovation Challenge and LocWorld – VistaTalks Ep 126


The Process Innovation Challenge, Localization Institute, and LocWorld - VistaTalks Ep 126

In this episode, Host Simon Hodgkins is joined by Alex Bernet, Manager of the Master Class Program at The Localization Institute and Co-Producer of LocWorld’s Process Innovation Challenge (PIC).

Alex shares information on the PIC, a platform for innovations and innovators in the localization and translation industry. The Process Innovation Challenge is an event held during the Localization World conferences. It comprises a challenge event where innovators have a chance to pitch their ideas to peers and experts—the audience votes for the Process Innovator of the Year.

The PIC event team typically includes a moderator, a production manager, and a panel of localization experts (dragons) who dive deep into the innovations and ask the tough questions of the innovators.

Alex is the Master Class Program Manager at the Localization Institute, founded on the premise that, while each company is unique, many of the challenges we face entering international markets are shared. He discusses how he became involved with the Localization Institute and LocWorld with Ulrich Henes and Donna Parish, two well-known figures in the localization industry.

Instructors at the Localization Institute include Tim Arata, Partner/Co-Founder at Locale Solutions, Eva Klaudinyova, Associate Professor of Professional Practice at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Mimi Hills, Principal at Hillstra Associates, Agnieszka Szarkowska, University Professor in the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, Dr. Peng Wang, Convener for EDUinLOC and Professor at the University of Ottawa, Karen Combe, Former Vice President of Localization at PTC, Bruno Herrmann, Executive Advisor and Strategic Consultant In Global Content Operations, Melissa Biggs, Partner/Co-Founder at Locale Solutions, John Yunker, Co-Founder of Byte Level Research, Dr. Nitish Singh, David Orthwein Endowed Professor of International Business at Saint Louis University, Willem Stoeller, Former Professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and PMP at Project Management Institute, Alessandra Binazzi, Globalization Strategist at Alessandra Binazzi Consulting, and Kristina Podnar, Principal, NativerTrust Consulting, LLC.

Alex and Simon discuss current and future innovations, including an increased interest in AI, the LocWorld conference, Lean Localization, the Process Innovation Challenge, EDUinLoc, and more! 

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