Achieving Continuous Localization Success at Scale with Automated Collaboration System

Our client is a global technology company, recognized as one of the world’s topmost valued brands, producing vastly diverse and brand sensitive content on a continuous basis. They require consistently accurate and on-brand content of varying origins and channels across all supported languages.

For this organization, we have over 800 linguistic resources across 100+ languages engaged to deliver, on average, around 15,000 projects per month with over 70,000 project line items to track. These projects have an average Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of less than 48 hours.
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The Art of Dubbing

We have entered the age of global video. As national video consumption barriers continue to erode, new approaches are necessary to optimize the user experience.
Enter video dubbing, a concept that has increased in some countries for decades but is just making its name in others. When done correctly, it is a perfect example of audio localization within individual videos.
That means treating dubbed videos’ translation and recording as an art form. What is the rise of dubbing, and how can you leverage it?
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product localization management

Working in Product Localization Management – VistaTalks Episode 111

In this episode, Angelica Palli joins host María Roa. Angelica is a Product Localization Manager at Babbel. Angelica is a passionate learner with a fondness for foreign languages and personal growth. She strives for efficiency and clarity in everything she does, and although her background is 100% localization, she is very marketing-oriented. Babbel has 13,000 hours of content and more than 50,000 lessons across 14 languages. Babbel was the world’s first language-learning app and is also the best-selling. It has intuitive, user-friendly lessons, which have seen the company grow to over 10 million subscriptions, centered on learning a language through real-life conversations. … Continue readingWorking in Product Localization Management – VistaTalks Episode 111


What Is MTPE?

Almost 40% of marketers now use machine translation in their localization efforts. While that strategy brings undeniable benefits, its drawbacks can be just as significant. Fast work only matters when it does not come at the expense of accuracy.
Enter Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE), a process that seeks to retain the benefits of machine translation while adding the human element back into the equation. This guide will explore the nuances of MTPE while sharing some best practices to maximize its advantages in your translation and localization strategy. … Continue readingWhat Is MTPE?

Localization Program

How to Run a Successful Localization Program

There are many misperceptions about creating products for global markets. One common belief is that translating from one language to another is all that’s needed to succeed. While many focus on the increased revenue and competitive advantages from new markets, the investment and planning required to create localized products aren’t always fully understood.

Localization is often more like a marathon than a sprint. Rather than a quick win, a successful localization program requires many elements, including a defined strategy, a customized approach, and a strong partner.
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The Evolution of a Localization Leader

In this blog, we explore an interesting framework for viewing the career growth and perception of localization professionals, some ways of thinking about each of the three stages: Business Service, Business Enabler, and Business Profit Driver , and three tips on how to move up the ladder from one step to the next … Continue readingThe Evolution of a Localization Leader


Do Untranslatable Words Exist?

Anyone who has experienced multiple languages has encountered one phrase at least once: you just cannot translate that word. But is that true? Do untranslatable words exist, and if so, how can (and should) businesses and anyone interested in translation approach them? … Continue readingDo Untranslatable Words Exist?

A Strategy for Localization Messaging Success

Localization leaders must ensure they capture relevant data and deliver the right messaging to effectively communicate their budget requests, localization strategies, spending, and KPIs. … Continue readingA Strategy for Localization Messaging Success


Top Tips for a Good Translator

Translation plays a vital role in successful communication. It is more than the substitution of one word for another. It is the cornerstone of the seamless exchange of ideas and information. Highly proficient translation is a vital part of any globalization plan. Research shows that 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products with information in their native language. Perhaps more importantly, 40% will never buy from websites in other languages. … Continue readingTop Tips for a Good Translator

Communicating the Right Localization Data for Business Decisions

Understanding where and how localization fits into your company’s growth plans is critical. This article dives deeper into one of the five core principles outlined in part one of our series: leading with data. … Continue readingCommunicating the Right Localization Data for Business Decisions

GALA Loc Mixer

Vistatec Co-organizes a GALA Loc Mixer in Dublin, Ireland

Vistatec was pleased to help organize a GALA Loc Mixer event on November 17, 2022. The GALA Loc Mixers are one of the many ways GALA carries out its mission to build and grow professional communities. This event was a great partnership as GALA is celebrating 20 years, and Vistatec is celebrating 25 years in business.
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holiday marketing

How to Localize Your Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is a significant source of revenue in various industries. From food and fashion to gift-giving and specific traditions, consumers spend a lot of money to make the holidays special. If you hope to put your company on the receiving end of this spending spree, the proper marketing techniques are essential. However, if you develop a grand marketing campaign that falls flat, you could experience significant financial losses. Localization will be a critical part of your holiday marketing strategy if you sell products globally. … Continue readingHow to Localize Your Holiday Marketing

SaaS Localization

How Can SaaS Companies Benefit from Localization?

Did you know that the global SaaS market is estimated to be worth $10 trillion by 2030? As the demand continues to rise, forward-thinking software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies are scaling into international markets. To maximize your success; you need a localization strategy that enables you to adapt products to each target market. … Continue readingHow Can SaaS Companies Benefit from Localization?

linguistic professional

What Makes a Good Linguistic Professional?

This guide will help you understand what makes a good linguistic professional, why using a professional with these qualities is so important, and how choosing the right multilingual partner can benefit not just individual translation efforts but your entire localization strategy. … Continue readingWhat Makes a Good Linguistic Professional?

Localization Leadership Excellence in Action

Welcome to the next installment in our Localization Leadership series. We’re at the midway point, and it’s the perfect time to get insights from a localization leader who has achieved substantial success. Earlier this year, one of the All Things Global (ATG) webcasts featured one of our industry’s most respected thought leaders, Nicole Kittle Broe, Director of Localization at Roku. … Continue readingLocalization Leadership Excellence in Action


Vistatec Attends LocWorld48 Silicon Valley

Vistatec, celebrating its 25th year, is delighted to attend LocWorld48 Silicon Valley.

The main conference features two days of specialized tracks, fantastic keynote presentations, and more. It takes place in Silicon Valley, California, from November 1-3, 2022. … Continue readingVistatec Attends LocWorld48 Silicon Valley

women in localization

Unicorns, All Things Global, and Women in Localization – VistaTalks Ep 102

In this episode, Dominika D’Agostino joins host María Roa. Dominika is a localization expert and problem solver with fifteen years of experience in the translation, media, and telecommunication industries. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, and is the sponsorship manager for the Woman in Localization Texas chapter. … Continue readingUnicorns, All Things Global, and Women in Localization – VistaTalks Ep 102

artificial intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence and Localization

Artificial intelligence is a game changer for the content industry in general and the language industry in particular, in terms of both technology and services. Unsurprisingly, it has had a vast and continued impact on localization people, processes, and technology. In the early days of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and machine translation (MT) offered a basic and automatic conversion of text, such as glorified versions of online dictionaries and glossaries. … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Localization

International Customer Experience – a Model to Identify the Gaps

If you have ever tried to navigate a website in a language you do not understand, you will know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Even with browser-based machine translation, the results can range from quite good to useless. As a result, companies translate their online experience to ensure success. However, they typically only translate about 5% of their website into most languages. This gap in language access leads to a sub-par customer experience as site visitors quickly run out of engaging content that they can read. … Continue readingInternational Customer Experience – a Model to Identify the Gaps

How to Capture and Measure Relevant Localization Metrics

Armed with the right localization metrics, embracing data-driven leadership will reinforce your role as a strategic business partner along the way, and help you position yourself as an idea generator in your organization.
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Using Localization to Improve Your eCommerce Success

In theory, expanding your eCommerce business to new markets sounds like a great idea. After all, you don’t need to open new physical stores just to grow your business. But what happens if new markets come with different audiences with different expectations, cultural references, and environments? … Continue readingUsing Localization to Improve Your eCommerce Success

Learn How To Localize Your User Experience

User experience (UX) is critical to ensuring that your users are satisfied with the product or service you have to offer them. One aspect often overlooked by the UX evaluation is the importance of localization and how it may improve user interaction and integration. Is your user experience truly optimized? If you haven’t been taking localization into account, it may not be as optimized as you had hoped. … Continue readingLearn How To Localize Your User Experience

Best Practices for Building a Global Center of Excellence

he Director of Localization at Roku, Nicole, draws on her wide-ranging involvement (Paramount, Riot Games, Netflix, Blizzard, Snap) in content and localization to add additional flavor and gravitas. Even if you don’t agree with the nuance of some of her discussion points, you’ll come away with a clear understanding of how she thinks and how she goes about her job. … Continue readingBest Practices for Building a Global Center of Excellence

From Localization to Product Management – VistaTalks Ep 85

How do you integrate localization into your product management strategy? In this episode, guest Ulrika Fuchs joins host Simon Hodgkins. Ulrika is an experienced localization professional with proven strong leadership skills and a track record of building high-performing teams of motivated individuals. … Continue readingFrom Localization to Product Management – VistaTalks Ep 85

What Impact Has Technology Had on the Localization Industry? VistaTalks Ep 84

Has technology caused rapid shifts in the localization industry? In this episode, guest Michael J. Asquith, Global Solutions Executive at Vistatec joins host Simon Hodgkins to discuss technology in the localization industry. Coming originally from a financial industry background, Michael discusses his interest in global business, and what impacts technology will continue to play within the localization industry. … Continue readingWhat Impact Has Technology Had on the Localization Industry? VistaTalks Ep 84

Maximize Your Brand Growth with Localization

Entering new geographical markets is one of the most popular ways to grow, second only to mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Yet, to succeed, brands typically need to adapt their products or services to appeal to buyers in those regional markets. And that requires undergoing a process known as localization. … Continue readingMaximize Your Brand Growth with Localization