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Vistatec Open Source Code for JLIFF Library

March 12, 2018. Dublin, Ireland
For Immediate Release

Today Vistatec announced that it will release the source code for its JLIFF library as open source. JLIFF is an Internet and web services friendly version of XLIFF: a prominent interchange format used throughout the localization industry supply chain.

JLIFF is a new way of expressing an XLIFF data model in JavaScript Object Notation and is the work being carried out by the OASIS XLIFF Object Model and Other Serializations (OMOS) Technical Committee of which Vistatec is a member.

Vistatec’s CTO Phil Ritchie said “I am delighted that Vistatec has taken the decision to donate this project to the industry. The adoption of new standards and ideas is substantially increased when there are reference implementations and examples that people can draw upon.

I think that the timing of this release is also great. With GALA working on and promoting the Translation API Class and Cases Initiative (TAPICC) in Boston this week, JLIFF may provide a useful format for transferring data between web service endpoints.”

The library which is written in Microsoft’s C# language defines a fluent syntax for creating, reading and writing JLIFF along with a format converter which can take XLIFF 2.0 Core XML and produce JLIFF output.
This is the second project that Vistatec has open sourced. In June 2013 Vistatec open sourced their XLIFF Editor, Ocelot as part of the Okapi Framework Project. Ocelot is now at version 3.0.

“I hope that people find the project useful and contribute to it.” Ritchie concluded, “The license allows everything from free evaluation to modification and embedding within their own products.”

You can find the JLIFF Graph Tools project at

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