Vistatec Appoints SCM


Vistatec Appoints New Head of Supply Chain Management Worldwide

August 16, 2017

Vistatec has appointed Paloma de las Casas as the Head of Supply Chain Management globally. Paloma has a wealth of experience in Supply Chain Management and Vistatec is pleased to announce her appointment.

Paloma will be leading the global supply chain management team at Vistatec which spans across multiple locations worldwide. Paloma is a very experienced localization industry professional, having operated in several different fields of the industry, such as project management and quality control. Having worked for companies such as United Language Group and Merrill Brink International, Paloma has a well-rounded knowledge of the many facets required for a successful localization process.

“We are very happy to have Paloma taking the lead of our Supply Chain Management division. She has a multitude of experience in the localization industry, which, combined with her calculated approach will no doubt contribute to the further success and growth of Vistatec” commented Yvonne McNamara, Chief Operations Officer, Vistatec.

“For the last 10 years I’ve been in vendor management – 5 years at ForeignExchange Translations (now part of AMPLEXOR) and 5 years at Merrill Brink International (now United Language Group). During these 10 years I have gained experience in very specialized recruitment in different industries and for different technologies and services. My focus has always been to find the best resource solution for each client requirement. The main reason to join Vistatec has been their outstanding focus on quality and how they invest time offering training to translators and also because of their investment and commitment to the use of new technologies. Vistatec challenge themselves every day.” Commented Paloma on her recent appointment.

About Vistatec

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