Vistatec COVID-19 Update



Vistatec Update Notice

Concerning the COVID-19 global pandemic, we would like to reassure and update you that we have been monitoring the developing situation very closely. 

On the recommendations of leading health organizations, including worldwide medical experts, we have already implemented activities to help the wider efforts to combat the current health crisis impacting communities around the world. 

We remain focused on the health and safety of our employees, families, and the global communities in which we operate. At this time, all of our employees have been encouraged to work from home. 

We are very fortunate that a large number of Vistatec persons already work remotely. With our globally distributed workforce and the volume of our employees who are already working remotely, we continue to see no impact on our global business operations at this time. 

To ensure the continuity of our daily activities, Vistatec executive and management teams remain fully aligned on plans to ensure optimum business delivery for our customers while protecting the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and partners around the world. 

Our current actions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Our global workforce remains advised to utilize digital channels and video/conferencing tools we have available across our entire organization to continue to support our customers.
  • We are incredibly fortunate to have already a large proportion of our global teams working remotely. From March 13, our global staff has been encouraged to work from home until further notice.
  • All business air travel and related ground transportation have been canceled and postponed until further notice.
  • All staff who have had to travel on a personal basis prior to the global travel restrictions coming into place in more recent times have informed our HR department and have been in self-isolation as a precautionary measure, and continue to work remotely.
  • All global teams are informed and reminded about any company measures taken to continue business as usual.
  • Regular preventive messaging on how to remain healthy as outlined by the authorities and the World Health Organization remain communicated to all staff around the world.
  • Vistatec’s senior management team is continuing to monitor the evolving situation daily and will implement further actions as required.

We are all in this together, Vistatec offers our sincere sympathies to all of those people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and we remain committed to providing continued support to our customers during these difficult times. 

We will continue to communicate further developments until such time that the Irish government, the World Health Organization, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deem it appropriate to step back from pandemic precautionary measures. Remaining proactive in this scenario is a priority for Vistatec to help protect our global workforce and the wider communities in which we live and operate. 

Thank you for your ongoing assistance and understanding. 

Kind regards, 

Priscillia Charles 
Communications Director, Vistatec 

If you have any additional questions concerning this notice, please do not hesitate to contact us directly here.