The Art of Business Storytelling – VistaTalks Ep 93


The Art of Business Storytelling - Episode 93

In this episode, guest Timea Kadar joins host María Roa to talk about utilizing business storytelling. Timea is an open-minded, fast-thinking, and experienced marketing professional. She recognizes good ideas, the potential in people, opportunities, and marketing strategy. Timea is currently the CMO at Francis Cooper Consultancy, helping companies of all sizes be successful with their marketing activities. She is also a lecturer at Northumbria University. Timea has written two books, Your Story – The Art of Business Storytelling and The USP is You – Build your personal brand and grow your reputation. Timea has won various awards, including Best Marketing Consultancy, Best in Content Marketing and Best Marketing Mentoring Specialist. She has a love of marketing and has been working in it for more than twenty years. A firm believer that when marketing is planned and implemented correctly, it works. Timea shares that as a little girl, she didn’t wake up every day saying that she wanted to be a marketer, but had known from a young age, that she always wanted to be a writer.

María and Timea discuss many aspects, including how in marketing, it is very important to fully understand the customer journey.

Timea shares information on the London Marketing Club, bringing together professionals and business leaders together who know that marketing matters. This includes CEOs, marketing directors, and entrepreneurs. The club holds meetings and study tours and has been to Tesla, which includes having test drives! The club also went to Apple and learned all about Keynote. Everyone has shared core values, and it is fairly informal. It steps outside Marketing professionals working at a computer all the time. It is a networking and knowledge-sharing network for everyone who knows that marketing matters.

Understanding that marketing matters is a significant part of the club’s ethos. There are a lot of marketers, and the club aims to share knowledge and best practice. Study tours take place for members too. Timea promotes the events and helps to make sure the mix of people at the events is complimentary.

Timea shares five steps from her first book, ‘Your Story – The Art of Business Storytelling,’ you can follow to write a good story! (Timea’s book contains sixty-six ideas and examples.) The book raises the question do you feel strange talking about your business on social media? Do you find it hard to come up with engaging posts in all of the social media noise? Is it challenging to include storytelling in your pitches? Timea has heard these concerns every day from many business owners.

The book’s writing is positioned as a solution for all of these struggles and helps with better storytelling. Timea’s first book states that business storytelling is twenty-two times more effective than facts! However, it is not always easy to write a story. The book aims to help you create more powerful posts and pitches. This 156-page book contains fifty-two story ideas (one for every week of the year) and fourteen extra story ideas as a bonus, and a five-step framework every good story should follow. Have a protagonist, what is the context, a problem or conflict, an action, and a resolution.

In today’s world, many people are busy working on their personal brands. Timea’s second book, ‘The USP is You – Build your personal brand and grow your reputation,’ focuses on finding a niche topic and finding your story. Time advises to start talking about this on your social media and to start pitching press and event organizers. The book details that one of your strongest USPs is you! Nobody has your experience, knowledge, and thoughts; these all make up your personal brand. The book is a step-by-step guide on how to be covered in the press, speak at events, publish your book, run your events, and how to be known for what you are an expert of. It even contains a practical framework, pitch templates, input from editors, and case studies on how other entrepreneurs did it. Timea hopes that by following the steps in this guide, you’ll be able to build your personal brand, fit it into your marketing strategy and enjoy all the benefits.

Timea is a Marketing Lecturer at Northumbria University, something that Timea loves to do when she is not busy with everything else she is involved with!