Lead Beyond The Edge, The Bold Path to Extraordinary Results – VistaTalks Ep 88


Lead Beyond The Edge, The Bold Path to Extraordinary Results - Episode 88

In this episode, guest Frederique Murphy joins host VistaTalks host María Roa. Frederique is a highly engaging, leading global voice around mindset transformation. She inspires and equips people to move through extraordinary change with her Mountain Moving Mindset platform and is a multi-award-winning keynote speaker and consultant.

Frederique helps global organizations – including Fortune 500 companies – to rewire their brains for success to drive powerful transformations. She has over 19 years of experience in corporate change, positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavior change. When Frederique takes the stage, sparks fly. She is a passionate and charismatic speaker who captivates audiences.

María discusses Frederique’s new book Lead beyond the Edge, The Bold Path to Extraordinary Results, and how 85% of adults in the UK suffer imposter syndrome!

The secret weapon in Frederique’s arsenal for change is her ever-growing mindset expertise. Frederique earned a bachelor’s degree in communications with a major in social psychology; she is a master practitioner of neurolinguistics, hypnosis, and quantum linguistics with expertise in positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavior change. She is a mindset strategist who inspires and equips leaders to move through extraordinary change. Frederique is the passionate owner and founder of Frederique Murphy LTD, a speaking, training, and consulting company. With her Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) platform, she shows you how to use the power of the mind to transform your life, career, and business.

With her practical magic, she excites audiences and awakens the neural paths in their brains so they see that the extraordinary can happen. She guides her clients towards their true wealth. If you are ready to fully embark on your journey and reach a new level of altitude in your life, career, and business, you are in the right place.

In her free time, she enjoys her dream hobbies: baking, cycling, running (from 5k races to full marathon), and Irish dancing, while raising funds for Breast Cancer charities in honor of her Mum, a breast cancer survivor. She lives her dream life in Ireland in her dream home with her dream husband and flies around the world to fulfill her mission of making a difference – this is her true wealth.