How To Build a World-Class Events Strategy – VistaTalks Ep 97


How to Build a World-Class Events Strategy - Episode 97

In this episode, guest Elaine Sugar joins VistaTalks host Simon Hodgkins. Elaine has over two decades of financial industry experience and 15 years of direct leadership and coaching experience. She is a top achiever managing treasury services portfolios of commercial and corporate banking clients with revenues of $20M-$1B at Wells Fargo.

Elaine holds a B.A. degree in Communication from the University of North Florida and is a Mental Wellness Advocate and Founder of the non-profit organization, M.A.P.S. Global Events.

Elaine is a Conscious Transformational Coach passionate about teaching children the value of positive thinking and speaking. She is also an award-winning children’s self-esteem program facilitator and best-selling children’s book author.

As a top achiever in managing wholesale banking customer service issues, Elaine develops and leads high-performing teams in fast-paced, complex environments. This experience includes cross-selling the company’s treasury management products that help enhance business. Elaine focuses on ensuring clients and teams operate within compliance policies. She has expertise in overseeing projects and creating initiatives across multiple states.  

Elaine’s financial industry competencies in the areas of project management, compliance, treasury management, team leadership, quality assurance coaching, talent acquisition, training, client relationship management, root cause analysis, sales support, facilitation, speaking, and quality monitoring, no doubt help in organizing a global event of the size and scale of the MAPS Global Event from scratch. 

In addition to Elaine’s financial career, she is proud to be hosting the second MAPS Global Event, the Vibrant Living Global Summit – A global wellness and positivity experience. This event features over 100 powerful sessions delivered by the world’s most dynamic and successful experts. Elaine shares how this event was initially conceived and how the team is approaching the event for the second year.

The event covers the ‘Most In-Demand Topics to Help You Boost Your Mind’s Performance, Health, and Live a Vibrant Life.’ It includes speakers on topics including ‘Mental Fitness & Emotional Resilience, Stress Management, Peak Performance, Holistic Wellness, Identifying and Breaking Your Limiting Beliefs, Body, Movement, and Self-Care.’ Elaine shares how important this is in today’s world and how much organization is required to put all of this together! The project is not a small undertaking, with an opening concert featuring talented artists from around the globe. This is the event’s second year, and Elaine shares lessons learned from the first year of hosting the event and touches on the plans for the future.

Elaine’s non-profit organization is on a mission to help the world heal, find inner peace, and provide information to improve one’s mental performance & wellness.

The company’s vision is for ‘A world where every child & adult has the resources and support needed to maintain mental wellness and a positive mindset that can be sustained throughout their lives, and the people providing the guidance and support are valued and always in a good position to do so.’

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