The Localization Industry, M&A, and AI – VistaTalks Episode 116


The Localization Industry, M&A, and AI

In this episode of VistaTalks, Annette Lawlor, CEO and Founder of Lion People Global, a localization-specific recruitment company, joins host María Roa. Annette is responsible for making connections to drive revenue growth within the global language industry, digital media, and, lately, the AI industry through its mergers & acquisitions and talent & training solutions.

Annette shares how she started in the talent industry and why, specifically within the localization industry. Lion People is keenly interested in language, translation, localization, and the roles companies require. Following a career in recruitment, she decided to open the agency.

Regarding the localization industry, María and Annette discuss areas in most demand and share advice for people looking to grow their careers in localization.  Lion People has its European headquarters in the localization hub of Ireland, and a current client base spread throughout the US, South America, Asia, and Eastern and Western Europe. Annette and the team have contacts and partners in the US, and with this global reach, they aim to be a valuable Localization, AI, Digital, and IT recruitment partner for their clients. Companies require that Lion People know how crucial it is to have access to talented employees to enable growth and scale.

Across the language industry, we see activity regarding strategic M&A transactions in the broader language services market. Lion People are familiar with talking with business owners considering buying or selling. Annette and her team at Lion People are vested in understanding the big picture and building solid business relationships.