Vistatec Attends LocWorld49 – Malmö, Sweden


Vistatec Attends LocWorld49 – Malmö, Sweden

Vistatec was delighted to attend LocWorld49 – Malmö, Sweden.

The main conference featured specialized tracks, fantastic keynote presentations,  and more. It occurred in Malmö, Sweden, from June 6-8, 2023. The conference’s theme was “Learning From the Past, Planning for the Future.” From the LocWorld49 website: “We are taught to learn from our mistakes. And we also learn from our successes! That hard-gained wisdom affects our behavior from an early age. The same should be true in business. In our push to stay up with a changing business landscape and constantly improving technology, we tend to face forward to keep up. Of course, that is commendable. But the localization industry has now been around long enough to have a rich history of things that went well and things that did not. This history is a great source of data that can inform our plans for success.”

See the topics covered below! 

  • Why Localization and UX Content Are a Combined UX Superpower
  • Globalization Team in a Pickle: A Jarring Story of Losing and Regaining Ground
  • Moving Left: Localization Strategies for the Entire Development Process, from Early Development to Player Support
  • Improving Edit Distance: MT Quality Estimation and the Rise of the “Super Segment”
  • Building a Globalization Data Infrastructure to Drive an Insightful Strategy
  • Scaling Product and Marketing Localization Teams
  • Building a Streamlined Gaming Localization Pipeline for Over 30 Languages
  • Nailing Global Communication with MT
  • Avoid Your Kodak Moment — How to Setup for Continuous Innovation
  • Process Innovation Challenge: Leveraging Analytics Data in Localization Automation, AI-based Freelancer Testing, and Recruitment, A No-touch, Data-driven, Dynamic LQA Service: How to Manage Thousands of LQA Reviews with a Single Quality Manager, Video Content Revolution: Unlock the Power of Automated Text Generation, AI-Powered Localization Source Content Analysis Tool
  • Up Close and Personal — Rising Stars
  • Winning with Global Multimedia Content
  • Games as a Service Done Sustainably and with Love
  • Implementing Automated Translation at Unprecedented Scale
  • SEO and Localization: It’s Time to Work Together for the Greater Good of the Company
  • How Localization Is Driving Growth in the Entertainment Industry (and vice versa)
  • How to Balance a Translator’s Workload Using Statistics
  • Dubbing eLearning at Scale with Human-AI Collaboration
  • Does Size Matter? What Clients Expect When Selecting Language Vendors
  • Leveraging Translation Technology to Close the Multilingual Support Gap
  • The Three Most Important Languages: Speaking to Stakeholders and Implementers in Their Own Tongue
  • DIY: How (and Why) to Create Your Own Git Connector and Plug It into CI/CD/CL
  • Unconference @ LocWorld
  • Beyond GPT4: Hybrid Intelligence and the Language Industry
  • Continuous Localization the Hard Way
  • Globalization Strategy Playbook
  • Mind the Gap: Addressing the Talent Shortage in the Language Industry
  • How to Boost Quality for Modern WEBUI Localization
  • The Future of Localization: Navigating Disruptive Technologies, Data Strategy, Automation, and AI
  • Multilingual Customer and Employee Experience: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
  • An Interactive Workshop on Generative AI in Action
  • How to Design and Implement Scalable Processes on Any Team Across Organizations of All Sizes
  • Globalization and Representation: Scaling Equity Practices in Language
  • Mentorship — How Investing in People Is the Best Investment You Can Make
  • Let’s Create a Connector from Scratch! No Coding Needed
  • The Evolution of Localization Technology
  • Switching Gears at 100 km/h: How to Revamp a Localization Program When It’s Already Full Speed Ahead
  • Ditching LSPs’ Prêt-à-porter without Going Solo: Crafting Made-to-measure Language Partnerships for Freelancer-style Talent Access
  • MicroTalks: Appreciative Inquiry 101, Myth Busting Translation Review Cycles — A Quality Riddle, Novel Approaches to Localization Using Large Language Models, From Asylum Seeker to Interpreter: The Success Story of Basel, Speaking Your Customers Business Language — A Customer Outcome-Focused Approach

It was a bumper-packed event in Malmö, Sweden, and we look forward to seeing everyone in Silicon Valley for LocWorld50!

About LocWorld
Since 2003 and with an emphasis on creating a friendly atmosphere that puts newcomers at ease and welcomes old friends with a smile, the LocWorld conference was designed to provide ample opportunities for networking and doing business. With a strong program with multiple tracks and a preconference day of in-depth workshops, attendees can strengthen their knowledge and form profitable strategies. The exhibit hall was designed to be a place where everyone could gather, chat, and discover what was new in the industry. LocWorld has done just that and is now called “the marketplace of the language industry.”

About Vistatec
Vistatec has been helping some of the world’s most iconic brands to optimize their global commercial potential since 1997. Vistatec is one of the world’s leading global content solutions providers. Vistatec is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Mountain View, California, USA.