multilingual communication

Multilingual Communication for Resilience

In a crisis or disaster, it is generally agreed and understood that timely, clear, and accurate communication is essential. It is not as clear that this communication needs to be in multiple languages and formats and delivered across many different channels. Our increasingly multilingual and multicultural societies demand a multilingual approach to crisis communication, and translation and interpreting play a crucial role. … Continue readingMultilingual Communication for Resilience

low-resource languages

How to Overcome the Need for Data for Low-Resource Languages

Neural machine translation (NMT) has revolutionized the language services industry, enabling providers to deliver large volumes of translated content quickly, affordably, and accurately. This presents a problem for low-resource languages (LRLs) that need more linguistic resources, such as extensive parallel corpora, annotated data, and pre-trained language models. … Continue readingHow to Overcome the Need for Data for Low-Resource Languages

Earth Day

Celebrating Sustainable Practices for Earth Day With Vistatec

Raising awareness for sustainability practices is an essential area for Vistatec. As a global organization, we are constantly working towards improving our overall sustainability practices. We strive to raise awareness and share information about ways to counteract the climate crisis, and we undertake many initiatives throughout the year, including celebrating Earth Day. … Continue readingCelebrating Sustainable Practices for Earth Day With Vistatec

localization interview

Ask a Recruiter: Nine Questions and Answers to Help With Your Localization Interview

Localization is a great industry to enter or advance in, but that entry or advancement is far from automatic. Localization is a complex field and topic, so careers in this industry tend to be competitive. Read this article for insider tips on how you can prepare for your interview with a recruiter experienced in hiring language and localization-specific positions.
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SaMD Regulations and Global Healthcare Innovation

In this article, we want to examine what SaMD is and explore some key differences between SaMD regulations in the EU and US. We’ll also investigate how using artificial intelligence, and machine learning is set to shape the SaMD industry and the critical role SaMD regulations play in establishing trust and reliability in such continuous learning models. … Continue readingSaMD Regulations and Global Healthcare Innovation

urban experience

Revolutionizing the Urban Experience: KONE’s EVP and CTO on Using Technology to Create Smarter Spaces – VistaTalks Episode 114

In this episode, Maciej Kranz, EVP and CTO, Member of the Executive Board at KONE Corporation, joins host Simon Hodgkins. KONE, a Finnish company specializing in elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors, is using technology to solve issues related to transportation and logistics. Maciej discusses the company’s use of sensors and data orchestration to create smoother experiences for people. KONE Corporation has a presence in over 60 countries and 60,000 employees, providing services to approximately one billion people daily. … Continue readingRevolutionizing the Urban Experience: KONE’s EVP and CTO on Using Technology to Create Smarter Spaces – VistaTalks Episode 114


The Impact of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence on Storytelling

How can brands use ChatGPT, and artificial intelligence in general, to enhance their storytelling? How can they leverage the undeniable opportunities that the technology brings — without falling victim to its drawbacks?
The answer, as might be expected, is complicated. But it is vital to understand how written language evolves in the 21st century, specifically storytelling. We will examine those nuances in this guide.
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high performing teams

Building High Performing Teams – VistaTalks Episode 113

Karen Jones joins host Simon Hodgkins. Karen is the Director of Consulting and Partnerships at Denison Consulting Europe. Karen works with clients to explore their organizational culture, define their current state, and prioritize action to drive delivery. … Continue readingBuilding High Performing Teams – VistaTalks Episode 113

employee appreciation

Top 10 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Creating a positive work environment has never been more important than it is today. According to a recent study by Forrester and Indeed, being energized by work tasks and feeling a sense of belonging in a company continue to be the top drivers of well-being at work. … Continue readingTop 10 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation


Globalization: Concept, Cause, and Consequences

Globalization is the increasing interconnectedness of countries, cultures, and economies around the globe. Borders across countries and even companies are becoming less restrictive as trade, information flow, and people move more freely from one to the other.

Globalization stretches across many different concepts and topical areas. … Continue readingGlobalization: Concept, Cause, and Consequences

Vistatec Diamond Sponsor for GALA 2023 Dublin, Ireland

Vistatec is delighted to be this year’s Diamond Sponsor at GALA 2023 Dublin. The localization industry conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland, from March 12-15, 2023.

This prominent localization and language industry event will be the place to rethink some of our established assumptions or ways of working, to see how the language industry can regroup for the future, and how we can all flourish in this brave new world. GALA conferences have earned a reputation for being open, inclusive places to learn with peers. … Continue readingVistatec Diamond Sponsor for GALA 2023 Dublin, Ireland

global language industry

The Global Language Industry and LocWorld! – VistaTalks Episode 112

In this episode, Anne-Marie Colliander Lind joins host María Roa. Anne-Marie is a recognized force in the global language industry landscape. She has spent almost 30 years helping multinational organizations solve their language issues, serving in executive sales and management positions at leading service, technology, and market research companies. Anne-Marie is the CEO of Inkrease, a management consulting company based in Sweden that assists companies in their growth and development strategies. She is a sought-after speaker and is the Marketing Director for LocWorld. Anne-Marie is also the co-organizer of the Nordic Translation & Interpretation Forum (NTIF), and the President of the Swedish Association of Translation Companies (SPRUAKFORATAGUEN) … Continue readingThe Global Language Industry and LocWorld! – VistaTalks Episode 112

different types of localization

The Different Types of Localization You Should Know

Localization is far more than a trend or a buzzword. It is an essential strategy that allows you to customize the content you provide based on the unique needs of your target market, their location, target language, and other important elements determined by geography and culture. By utilizing the right localization strategies, you can increase user appreciation of and connection to your brand, helping to set you up for success.
As you plan to localize your content, apps, and more, look at these critical types of localization and how they can impact your ability to connect with your target market. … Continue readingThe Different Types of Localization You Should Know

The Art of Dubbing

We have entered the age of global video. As national video consumption barriers continue to erode, new approaches are necessary to optimize the user experience.
Enter video dubbing, a concept that has increased in some countries for decades but is just making its name in others. When done correctly, it is a perfect example of audio localization within individual videos.
That means treating dubbed videos’ translation and recording as an art form. What is the rise of dubbing, and how can you leverage it?
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product localization management

Working in Product Localization Management – VistaTalks Episode 111

In this episode, Angelica Palli joins host María Roa. Angelica is a Product Localization Manager at Babbel. Angelica is a passionate learner with a fondness for foreign languages and personal growth. She strives for efficiency and clarity in everything she does, and although her background is 100% localization, she is very marketing-oriented. Babbel has 13,000 hours of content and more than 50,000 lessons across 14 languages. Babbel was the world’s first language-learning app and is also the best-selling. It has intuitive, user-friendly lessons, which have seen the company grow to over 10 million subscriptions, centered on learning a language through real-life conversations. … Continue readingWorking in Product Localization Management – VistaTalks Episode 111


What Is MTPE?

Almost 40% of marketers now use machine translation in their localization efforts. While that strategy brings undeniable benefits, its drawbacks can be just as significant. Fast work only matters when it does not come at the expense of accuracy.
Enter Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE), a process that seeks to retain the benefits of machine translation while adding the human element back into the equation. This guide will explore the nuances of MTPE while sharing some best practices to maximize its advantages in your translation and localization strategy. … Continue readingWhat Is MTPE?

Localization Program

How to Run a Successful Localization Program

There are many misperceptions about creating products for global markets. One common belief is that translating from one language to another is all that’s needed to succeed. While many focus on the increased revenue and competitive advantages from new markets, the investment and planning required to create localized products aren’t always fully understood.

Localization is often more like a marathon than a sprint. Rather than a quick win, a successful localization program requires many elements, including a defined strategy, a customized approach, and a strong partner.
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Exceptional managers

What Exceptional Managers Do Differently

Exceptional managers can make a huge difference for employees and companies alike. They can make the difference between an employee quitting or sticking with the team, and great managers help encourage employee productivity, creativity, engagement, and innovation. While anyone can learn how to become a great manager, managers need to understand the key characteristics of excellent management and how to improve their management styles. … Continue readingWhat Exceptional Managers Do Differently

The Evolution of a Localization Leader

In this blog, we explore an interesting framework for viewing the career growth and perception of localization professionals, some ways of thinking about each of the three stages: Business Service, Business Enabler, and Business Profit Driver , and three tips on how to move up the ladder from one step to the next … Continue readingThe Evolution of a Localization Leader

creating a localization department

Creating a Localization Department – VistaTalks Ep 110

In this episode, Alfonso González Bartolessis joins host María Roa. Alfonso is a localization professional who has developed his career as a translator, translation manager, and university teacher. He has founded and co-founded several companies and currently works as a Senior Localization Manager in Germany for Sinch. Alfonso has created the localization department for more than nine languages and developed the current translation workflow. He is also TranslaStars CEO, an online learning platform for language lovers with translation, localization, globalization, and interpreting courses. Alfonso shares how he got into the world of language, translation, and localization, including his early experiences in Spain and the United States. … Continue readingCreating a Localization Department – VistaTalks Ep 110

inclusivity and company culture

How to Prioritize Inclusivity and Company Culture in 2023

Various statistics can power your organization to prioritize a more inclusive workplace culture. For example, statistics gathered by Built In notes that «Diverse companies enjoy 2.5 times higher cash flow per employee;» they also found that 75% of job seekers prioritize diverse companies in their job searches. For many stakeholders inside and outside your organization, the focus on inclusivity goes deeper: powering your organization with a more inclusive and conscientious company culture is a moral and social priority. Before you take your next step on making your organization more diverse and inclusive, examine what today’s inclusive company cultures look like and why they matter so much. We also discuss keystone steps for making DEI central to your 2023 workplace transformations. … Continue readingHow to Prioritize Inclusivity and Company Culture in 2023

Diamond sponsor

GALA Announces Vistatec as GALA 2023 Diamond Sponsor

Vistatec is delighted to announce that they are the Diamond Sponsor for GALA 2023, a significant Globalization and Localization Association worldwide industry event. Vistatec has been a long-time GALA member and is excited to engage as a major sponsor for the upcoming event. The company previously collaborated with GALA in November 2022 to host a GALA Loc Mixer at the Westin Hotel in Dublin. … Continue readingGALA Announces Vistatec as GALA 2023 Diamond Sponsor


Do Untranslatable Words Exist?

Anyone who has experienced multiple languages has encountered one phrase at least once: you just cannot translate that word. But is that true? Do untranslatable words exist, and if so, how can (and should) businesses and anyone interested in translation approach them? … Continue readingDo Untranslatable Words Exist?

A Strategy for Localization Messaging Success

Localization leaders must ensure they capture relevant data and deliver the right messaging to effectively communicate their budget requests, localization strategies, spending, and KPIs. … Continue readingA Strategy for Localization Messaging Success

A Special Rewind Episode – VistaTalks Ep 107

In this special episode, Simon Hodgkins, María Roa, Meredith Hutchinson, and Daniela Fogaça look back over the previous 12 months of podcast episodes. Simon, Maria, Meredith, and Daniela highlight examples of their favorite topics and discussions. Take a listen to this special episode of the podcast! … Continue readingA Special Rewind Episode – VistaTalks Ep 107


Top Tips for a Good Translator

Translation plays a vital role in successful communication. It is more than the substitution of one word for another. It is the cornerstone of the seamless exchange of ideas and information. Highly proficient translation is a vital part of any globalization plan. Research shows that 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products with information in their native language. Perhaps more importantly, 40% will never buy from websites in other languages. … Continue readingTop Tips for a Good Translator

Market Strategy

Market Strategy and Growth Acceleration Solutions – VistaTalks Ep 106

In this episode, Patrycja Maksymowicz joins host María Roa. Patrycja has over three decades of experience in successful partnerships built around compassionate, empathy-driven business relationships. She was awarded “Quality of the Year” for management and innovative training and has gained numerous industry accreditations. … Continue readingMarket Strategy and Growth Acceleration Solutions – VistaTalks Ep 106

12 Days of Giving Back

Vistatec Celebrates 12 Days of Giving Back

From December 1, Vistatec once again celebrated its 12 Days of Giving Back. Like in previous years, the focus was to give back as much as possible and support well-known local or worldwide charities. Some of the charities that Vistatec supported this year include Eco Unesco, World Cancer Support Fund, Irish Heart Foundation, Bumbleance, No Kid Hungry, UA Future, Amnesty International, FoodCloud, and Habitat for Humanity. … Continue readingVistatec Celebrates 12 Days of Giving Back

localization team

Building Your Localization Team From Scratch

When launching within new markets, localization is critical. However, a localization strategy is only complete with a team to execute it. Regardless of the size of your business, you must first decide who will be involved in the process. That may mean assigning tasks to current team members, bringing on new hires, outsourcing roles, or a mix of all three. Fortunately, setting up a localization team is easier than it sounds. … Continue readingBuilding Your Localization Team From Scratch

Communicating the Right Localization Data for Business Decisions

Understanding where and how localization fits into your company’s growth plans is critical. This article dives deeper into one of the five core principles outlined in part one of our series: leading with data. … Continue readingCommunicating the Right Localization Data for Business Decisions

GALA Loc Mixer

Vistatec Co-organizes a GALA Loc Mixer in Dublin, Ireland

Vistatec was pleased to help organize a GALA Loc Mixer event on November 17, 2022. The GALA Loc Mixers are one of the many ways GALA carries out its mission to build and grow professional communities. This event was a great partnership as GALA is celebrating 20 years, and Vistatec is celebrating 25 years in business.
Continue readingVistatec Co-organizes a GALA Loc Mixer in Dublin, Ireland

holiday marketing

How to Localize Your Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is a significant source of revenue in various industries. From food and fashion to gift-giving and specific traditions, consumers spend a lot of money to make the holidays special. If you hope to put your company on the receiving end of this spending spree, the proper marketing techniques are essential. However, if you develop a grand marketing campaign that falls flat, you could experience significant financial losses. Localization will be a critical part of your holiday marketing strategy if you sell products globally. … Continue readingHow to Localize Your Holiday Marketing

SaaS Localization

How Can SaaS Companies Benefit from Localization?

Did you know that the global SaaS market is estimated to be worth $10 trillion by 2030? As the demand continues to rise, forward-thinking software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies are scaling into international markets. To maximize your success; you need a localization strategy that enables you to adapt products to each target market. … Continue readingHow Can SaaS Companies Benefit from Localization?

consumer psychologist

Insights From a Consumer Psychologist – VistaTalks Ep 103

In this episode, Dr. Simon Moore joins host María Roa. Simon is a Chartered Business and Consumer Psychologist and CEO of the award-winning psychology strategy consultancy, Innovationbubble. Simon and his psychology team have advised well-known global brands such as FedEx, Pfizer, Microsoft, Sony, Aviva, Ericcson, Sony Music, Virgin Atlantic, and Bupa about understanding human decision-making, behavior, and decisions. … Continue readingInsights From a Consumer Psychologist – VistaTalks Ep 103

linguistic professional

What Makes a Good Linguistic Professional?

This guide will help you understand what makes a good linguistic professional, why using a professional with these qualities is so important, and how choosing the right multilingual partner can benefit not just individual translation efforts but your entire localization strategy. … Continue readingWhat Makes a Good Linguistic Professional?

Localization Leadership Excellence in Action

Welcome to the next installment in our Localization Leadership series. We’re at the midway point, and it’s the perfect time to get insights from a localization leader who has achieved substantial success. Earlier this year, one of the All Things Global (ATG) webcasts featured one of our industry’s most respected thought leaders, Nicole Kittle Broe, Director of Localization at Roku. … Continue readingLocalization Leadership Excellence in Action


Vistatec Attends LocWorld48 Silicon Valley

Vistatec, celebrating its 25th year, is delighted to attend LocWorld48 Silicon Valley.

The main conference features two days of specialized tracks, fantastic keynote presentations, and more. It takes place in Silicon Valley, California, from November 1-3, 2022. … Continue readingVistatec Attends LocWorld48 Silicon Valley

women in localization

Unicorns, All Things Global, and Women in Localization – VistaTalks Ep 102

In this episode, Dominika D’Agostino joins host María Roa. Dominika is a localization expert and problem solver with fifteen years of experience in the translation, media, and telecommunication industries. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, and is the sponsorship manager for the Woman in Localization Texas chapter. … Continue readingUnicorns, All Things Global, and Women in Localization – VistaTalks Ep 102

artificial intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence and Localization

Artificial intelligence is a game changer for the content industry in general and the language industry in particular, in terms of both technology and services. Unsurprisingly, it has had a vast and continued impact on localization people, processes, and technology. In the early days of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and machine translation (MT) offered a basic and automatic conversion of text, such as glorified versions of online dictionaries and glossaries. … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Localization

digital leadership

Strategystorming, Storytelling, and Digital Leadership – VistaTalks Ep 101

In this episode, Doyle Buehler joins host Simon Hodgkins. Doyle has consulted, coached, taught, and inspired many in the areas of digital leadership and strategy. He is the author of the book #Breakthrough: Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence, and Authority. He is an active member of the Grey Swan Guild and has been a judge at the Think Global Awards. Doyle is a Chief Expedition Officer and has worked with organizations worldwide. … Continue readingStrategystorming, Storytelling, and Digital Leadership – VistaTalks Ep 101

familial hypercholesterolemia

Familial Hypercholesterolemia: A “Spelling Mistake” in Our DNA

FH Europe is an umbrella organization of international patient networks that actively work together to secure early identification and diagnosis of Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) and other inherited lipid conditions, including rare forms, to prevent early cardiovascular disease (CVD). FH Europe invites national and regional policymakers across the EU, medical societies, patient and public health organizations, and individual experts to sign and support the Prague Declaration. … Continue readingFamilial Hypercholesterolemia: A “Spelling Mistake” in Our DNA

International Customer Experience – a Model to Identify the Gaps

If you have ever tried to navigate a website in a language you do not understand, you will know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Even with browser-based machine translation, the results can range from quite good to useless. As a result, companies translate their online experience to ensure success. However, they typically only translate about 5% of their website into most languages. This gap in language access leads to a sub-par customer experience as site visitors quickly run out of engaging content that they can read. … Continue readingInternational Customer Experience – a Model to Identify the Gaps

Entrepreneurship and diversity

Celebrity PR, Downing Street, and PURPOSE! – VistaTalks Ep 100

In this episode, Jessica Huie MBE joins host Simon Hodgkins. Forbes describes Jessica as one of ‘UK’s Most Influential Women On True Success.’ Jessica is a PR powerhouse and maverick entrepreneur and has an MBE for Services to Entrepreneurship and contribution to diversity. Jessica’s acclaimed first book, PURPOSE, was published by Hay House and named ‘One of the UK’s Best Business Books Written by Women’ by The Telegraph Newspaper. The PURPOSE Retreats take place twice each year in Jamaica and the UK. Her expertise is sought broadly, from discussions at No.10 Downing Street to company and board-level positions. … Continue readingCelebrity PR, Downing Street, and PURPOSE! – VistaTalks Ep 100

image localization

The Importance of Image Localization

«A picture is worth a thousand words,» and this saying is true when it comes to global marketing. Images displayed on your website or apps are crucial elements that influence how consumers will perceive your brand. Selecting an appropriate image can play a big part in helping you connect with your audience. Conversely, choosing the wrong image can increase bounce rates and lower conversions. … Continue readingThe Importance of Image Localization

Global Considerations From a Unicorn’s Perspective – Vistatalks Ep 99

What considerations does a unicorn company have to take into account when devising its global strategy? In this episode, guest Kristine Sheikh joins host María Roa. Kristine is a customer-centric, high-performing, driven leader with 13 years of experience and a passion for strategy. She is focused on creating globally consistent, yet locally relevant integrated expansion plans and campaigns for tech companies. Kristine is a former Sr. Director of International Expansion at PandaDoc, and the Vice President of Marketing at RedTeam Software. … Continue readingGlobal Considerations From a Unicorn’s Perspective – Vistatalks Ep 99

The De-Globalization Era

The De-Globalization Era: In Conversation with Don DePalma

Founder of CSA Research, thinker, researcher, and deep-dive master Don DePalma joined All Things Global Powered by Vistatec to discuss, well, a lot. Don’s incredibly important blog post, “Mastering Globalization in the De-Globalization Era,” should be required reading for everyone in the localization business, and it serves as the foundation for the conversation. … Continue readingThe De-Globalization Era: In Conversation with Don DePalma