Vistatec Azure

Sign Up Guide for External Users


Vistatec is migrating to a single sign-on methodology based on Azure for a lot of its applications. Currently this includes Droid and our SharePoint portals. Over time more applications will be added to this list.

Step 1

You will receive an email inviting you to register for Vistatec’s single sign-on. The email address the invite is sent to is the one you must use for this process. The email is sent from: [email protected] with the subject line “You're invited to the Vistatec Ltd. organization“, and looks like this:

If you cannot find the email, please check your spam folders before contacting Vistatec. Click the Get Started button. [If you have a Microsoft account with that email address already, it will ask you to sign in at this point.]

Step 2

Review the Permissions dialog and if you are happy then click Accept.

Step 2

Step 3

Click Next.

Step 3

Step 4

Select your preferred authentication method and then follow the prompts on the page. Or, click on “View video to know how to secure your account” link.

For example, select Authentication phone from the dropdown, select your country from the dropdown and then type in your mobile phone number and select Send me a code by text message and click Next. The text will arrive within a couple of minutes.

Alternatively, select Mobile App as the method. This uses the Microsoft Authenticator App instead of your phone. For more details see:
If you choose the “Mobile App” you need to install it from the Apps store of your device as per the “Set up” button.

Step 5

You may be asked to Enter your preferred password, then enter the code sent to you and click Verify.

Step 6

You will see a confirmation screen. Click Done.

Step 7

You are now brought to the Apps screen. This is a list of the Vistatec Apps you can access. Click an icon to go to the app.

Step 8

Over time Vistatec will add its Cloud-based apps here, and user will have single sign-on access to these apps. SharePoint Online is not yet available here, so users will need to go direct to the supplied SharePoint URLs, but will not need to sign on if already signed on here. To logon to any of the apps or SharePoint portals you can navigate directly to the relevant URL and will be redirected automatically to sign in.

Managing Credentials

Guest users who sign in with a Microsoft account (for example [email protected]) can reset their own passwords using Microsoft account self-service password reset (SSPR). See How to reset your Microsoft account password.

Guest users who sign in with a Google account or another external identity provider can reset their own passwords using their identity provider’s SSPR method. For example, a guest user with the Google account [email protected] can reset their password by following the instructions in Change or reset your password.


If you have any issues during this process, before contacting anyone in Vistatec please ensure:

  • You have searched your spam and junk mail folders for this invite
  • You have checked your mail filters
  • You are trying to register with the email address to which the invite was sent
  • You have typed in your phone number correctly and selected the correct country code to use, if using additional security verification by phone
  • You have waited at least 10 minutes for the verification code to arrive

If, after following the above, you still have problems, please contact your Supply Chain Manager or [email protected] with the following information: 

  • Your first name and last name
  • The email address that you are using to complete the registration process
  • Description of your issue