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Are you looking to integrate Machine Translation into your localization strategy? Or are you interested in finding out more about the inherent benefits of Machine Translation?

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Machine Translation Discovery Form

Machine Translation Discovery Form




1. What are your goals for using Machine Translation (MT)?

Type of MT Service

2. What (specifically) do you want to use MT for?

Content Type

3. For which content type would you like to use MT?
4. Of the below language list, how many you would like to use MT for? Does one language have priority over the other? Why?

Tep And MT/MTPE Quality

5. What is the MT quality you need?
6. Do you have the same quality needs for all languages, products/domains?

MT Engine Training

7. Are TMs organized by Product/Domain?
8. Are they being cleaned and maintained regularly?
9. Do you have bilingual glossaries that can be used for MT training?
10. Do you have monolingual content that can be used for MT training?

Other MT Questions

11. Have you considered any MT solution so far?