Circumnavigating the Globe


90-day world flight in a 4-seater plane, through 22 countries

Circumnavigating the Globe

90-day world flight in a 4-seater plane, through 22 countries.

Louis Cole and JP Schulze have been circumnavigating the globe since August 20, 2017. We have been following their journey closely, and here we look at some of the places that they have visited so far.

Over a 90-day period, the trip will require flying over 22 countries on 6 continents. Since departing Kern Valley Airport in California, the duo made their way across the US, from West coast to East coast, and landed the aircraft ‘Baloo’ in Boston. They then made their first international flight by traveling north through Canada, and then over to Greenland and Iceland.

They entered the UK and spent the next leg of their trip traveling across Europe, visiting countries such as Germany, Austria, and Greece. Arriving in Africa through Egypt, they then continued to venture east across Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Pakistan, and India.

By way of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Indonesia, they arrived in Australia, and then plotted a course back to the original take-off position at Kern Valley Airport in California.

You can track all their progress here:

Did you know? There are over 7,000 known living languages across the globe. How many of these languages are represented in the countries mentioned above?

We are delighted to be able to play a small part in a truly global trip. Congratulations to Louis, JP, and their team for the progress they have made.

About Fly Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders will see Louise Cole and pilot JP Schulze embark on a 90-day circumnavigation of the globe in a 4-seater plane, through 22 countries.

Despite globalization enabling openness and integration, the world regrettably remains somewhat divided. There are still those that encourage hate, often due to their lack of understanding and fear. This is how the idea of Beyond Borders was founded.

Beyond Borders intend to find extraordinary and ordinary people, from all backgrounds, who live in a way that is true to themselves and their worlds, whilst embracing the worlds of others.

For more information on the flight, please visit:

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