Partner Satisfaction Survey Review


Vistatec Reflects - Partner Satisfaction Review 2020

In some cases, the pandemic has shaken and crumbled the building blocks of the business world and forced companies to embrace a digital first strategy. As businesses have started to adapt to the digital transformation movement, a strong customer relationship is vital to survival. But how do we nurture digital relationships? What is the most crucial aspect of any relationship? The answer to both these questions can be found within the foundations. Whether it be client, customer, or partner – the foundation of a healthy relationship starts and ends with customer satisfaction. 

Although referred to as “customer” satisfaction, the term applies to any relationship you are looking to develop in a business setting. Whether you operate in a B2B or B2C market, it matters not; we are all working in a human to human (H2H) world at the end of the day. That is where the importance of customer satisfaction prevails.  

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the Vistatec values. To ensure we uphold ourselves to the highest standards, our updated partner survey was launched in 2020. The intention of the survey was to evaluate our performance and gauge their satisfaction with Vistatec. We are delighted to announce that the results were overwhelmingly positive! But don’t let us blow our own trumpet; let’s see what our partners had to say.


Over 65% of our partners said they value our communication methodology above all else, to which 80% said Vistatec’s response rate is less than a day. However, communication is more than sending emails and making calls; it’s also about customer satisfaction. As Theodore Levitt once said, “Creativity is thinking up new things, Innovation is doing new things.” To be creative and innovative, you need a judgment-free atmosphere to suggest improvements; this is reflected in our results. 

65% of our partners said they feel empowered and comfortable to suggest pipeline improvements and changes. Lastly, above 80% of our partners said they are likely to refer us to a colleague; in fact, a good percentage of our recruitment can be attributed to referrals. 


What about our core value, quality? Starting strong, over 50% of our partners rated our competencies skills as excellent. Not only that, but 52% believe our quality expectations are higher than the industry average, which reflects our commitment to our quality standards. We are also proud to see that over half of our partners also rated our recruitment process as excellent! 


We believe anything is possible when you have the relevant support networks in place, and as such, we want to make sure that our partners have the right tools and feedback needed to meet and exceed our quality expectations. An astronomical 95% of our vendors found our training very useful. Don’t take our word for it, here are a few comments left by our partners around our training programs;

“My onboarding experience in Vistatec is by far the best, and Vistatec PMs are all very responsive if I ever had any questions regarding projects or tools.” 

“I was able to start working for Vistatec in less than a week (after onboarding) – super quick responses to all my questions, comprehensive account training.” 

“Many things were completely new to me, which I appreciate a lot. I like learning new things, and with Vistatec, a whole world of new things opened to me.” 

“I really appreciate the amount of training I have received from Vistatec. I feel that it is quite unusual in the industry (especially as it is paid), yet it really helps me do my job well.”


Along with our successful training programs, more than 85% of our partners felt they receive enough feedback from Vistatec. A further 80% said our recruitment process was good or excellent, reflecting our commitment to providing the best support network and tools possible for our partners.

Vistatec continues to create a professional environment that promotes communication, quality, and support across the board. Thank you to all our partners that took the time to provide feedback in our latest survey; we look forward to hearing from our partners in the 2021 partner satisfaction survey. 

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