Vistatec to Sponsor the Machine Translation Summit 2019


Vistatec has been announced as one of the main sponsors of the upcoming Machine Translation Summit, taking place from August 19 to 23, at the Helix Theatre, located on the Dublin City University (DCU) campus, Ireland.

The summit, hosted for the very first time on the DCU campus, will see countless language professionals as well as researchers and industry specialists in attendance.

Vistatec is delighted to be able to support the 17th edition of the event, organized in collaboration with the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT).

“We are delighted that Vistatec has agreed to be a bronze sponsor at the summit. It is a very generous offer, and we are pleased to engage with Vistatec. We’ve been working with Vistatec since 2007 when CNGL the precursor to the ADAPT Centre was formed. We are working with Phil Ritchie in that capacity. For a number of years, Phil has been involved as part as of Governance board in the ADAPT Centre, and we look forward to engaging with Vistatec not just now before the conference begins, but at the conference and then afterwards,” said Andy Way, Professor in Computing at DCU and Deputy Director of the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology.

The conference taking place over the course of three days will offer four tutorials and nine workshops prior to the start of the conference, on August 21.

“It’s wonderful that the MT Summit is coming to Dublin and being held on the Dublin City University Campus, door-step of the ADAPT Centre’s Machine Translation group. The research carried out by Professor Andy Way, and his team has been prolific over the last ten years, and graduates of the school are active in the industry all over the world. Vistatec has benefitted a lot from our partnership with the centre and previous summits, and we look forward to engaging with everyone again,” says Phil Ritchie, Chief Technology Officer, Vistatec.

The ADAPT Research Centre, located in the heart of the DCU campus, will see some of its members present papers at the Summit, such as Meghan Dowling, Ph.D. Student focusing on improving machine translation for the Irish Language.

“I think it’s really important for a conference that is based in Dublin to have support from industry in the same area. As well as that there is going a number of papers on Irish language technology so it’s really important to us to have sponsors to understand the language and who understand Machine Translation and are willing to support it,” says Meghan Dowling, Ph.D. Student, at the ADAPT Centre.

A gala dinner will also host guests of the conference at the Croke Park stadium on Wednesday, August 21, for all of the summit attendees.

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