A Special Episode – Think Global Forum Roundtable – VistaTalks Ep 108


In this special episode of VistaTalks, Simon Hodgkins shares insights into the Think Global Forum Roundtable events. Take a listen to this special episode of the podcast!

The Think Global Forum Roundtable events are a recent addition to the wider Think Global Forum strategy. The Think Global Forum is a community of global individuals, including forum participants, industry experts, and speakers. The forum offers keen insights into the here and now and, most importantly, the future. To provide an in-depth discussion on specific topics, the roundtables are a new addition to the activities of the Think Global Forum. 

In the initial roundtable discussion, the topic of How Storytelling Impacts the Brain was presented by Jason Cooper. The discussion covered “How do you use visual storytelling to create value with your clients, building trust, credibility, and long-term relationships?” The panel included Jason Cooper, Global Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Leadership Coach, and L&D Specialist, Doyle Buehler, Author and Founder of Strategystorming, Timea Kadar, CMO, Francis Cooper Marketing Consultancy, Simon Hodgkins, Founder, Think Global Forum and María Roa, Communications Director, Think Global Forum.

The second roundtable was focused on Developing Consumer Understanding and Brand Relevance, featuring Dr. Simon Moore. This discussion covered: 

  • How understanding the subconscious needs of your customer supercharges your brand communications.
  • How financial decision-making biases derail your product and brand engagement.
  • Why emotions outplay facts in financial planning/decision-making.

The second roundtable panel included Dr. Simon Moore, CEO of Innovation Bubble and Chartered Psychologist, Minter Dial, Professional Speaker and Consultant on branding, leadership, and transformation, Val Brown, who works with CEOs, CMOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners to drive company growth through brand strategy, Simon Hodgkins, Founder, Think Global Forum, and María Roa, Communications Director, Think Global Forum.

For the third Think Global Forum Roundtable, the topic was strategy and “Strategystorming” – Rethinking and Reinventing for Smarter Business. 

Doyle Buehler, Founder and  Chief Expedition Officer of Strategystorming , discussed the following: 

  • Changing the way we think about strategy!
  • Everything changes all the time.
  • Solving the problems of today requires a different way of thinking.
  • Old business tools no longer deliver the results.

The Think Global Forum Roundtable panel included Frank Hannigan, Founding Partner & Business Advisor, StrategyCrowd, Patrycja Maksymowicz, Founder & Director, Open Solutions Global, Simon Hodgkins, Founder, Think Global Forum, and María Roa, Communication Director, Think Global Forum.

Simon shares information about the latest Think Global Forum Roundtable with Allison Ferch, Executive Director at GALA, the Globalization and Localization Association.

Allison will be discussing the topic of Emerging Trends for Global Events, including how the last couple of years have changed how global events are handled today. Allison and the panel will discuss the emerging trends for events with global audiences and CX and consumer-minded decisions when choosing an event.