Celebrity PR, Downing Street, and PURPOSE! – VistaTalks Ep 100


Celebrity PR, Downing Street, and PURPOSE! - VistaTalks Ep 100

In this episode of VistaTalks, Jessica Huie MBE joins host Simon Hodgkins. Forbes describes Jessica as one of ‘UK’s Most Influential Women On True Success.’ Jessica is a PR powerhouse and maverick entrepreneur and has an MBE for Services to Entrepreneurship and contribution to diversity. Jessica’s acclaimed first book, PURPOSE, was published by Hay House and named ‘One of the UK’s Best Business Books Written by Women’ by The Telegraph Newspaper. The PURPOSE Retreats take place twice each year in Jamaica and the UK. Her expertise is sought broadly, from discussions at No.10 Downing Street to company and board-level positions.

In 2006, Jessica launched Color Blind Cards, a multi-award-winning multicultural greeting card company that drove an early conversation around the importance of ethnic representation in retail and became the first independent brand to secure a high-street presence for black cards in the UK. Color Blind also went on to be distributed in the USA and South Africa.

She was labeled one of Britain’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs by the Evening Standard. Jessica ran monthly workshops at The British Library for small and micro business owners keen to embrace transformational visibility through publicity and partnerships with integrity. The British Library is an ideal location as it gives access to the world’s most comprehensive research collection and provides information services to academic, business, research, and scientific communities. The British Library has a collection of over 170 million items, including artifacts from every age of written civilization. The British Library keeps the nation’s archive of printed and digital publications, adding around three million new items to the collection annually!

In 2014, Jessica was honored with an MBE for entrepreneurship and her contribution to diversity.

Jessica has engaged in roundtable discussions at No.10 Downing Street, an address known internationally as the official residence and office of the British Prime Minister. Jessica shares her experiences of the Downing Street years. 

Simon and Jessica discuss success as the author of the book PURPOSE, which covers finding your truth and embracing your calling, published by Hay House. The book has been featured in The Observer, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, BBC News, Forbes, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, The Independent, CNN, Psychologies, BAZAAR, and Pride. In PURPOSE, Jessica invites us to reconnect with who we are beneath the layers of roles, titles, and belief systems. Our experiences and social conditioning determine the narratives we hold about ourselves and our lives. In an era where many define our identity by the title on our business cards, Jessica promises that “stripped back is where we meet ourselves.”

Passionate about challenging our ideologies around success, Jessica has shared insights about the awakening from which PURPOSE evolved with corporations such as Google, EY, Grant Thornton, Virgin Media, and Credit Suisse to community projects, schools, and charities.

As a former publicist representing socially conscious personalities and entrepreneurs, Jessica has represented some of the UK and USA’s best-known personal brands, including Samuel L. Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland, and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.