The De-Globalization Era: In Conversation with Don DePalma


The De-Globalization Era: In Conversation with Don DePalma

Globalization Game Over

Founder of CSA Research, thinker, researcher, and deep-dive master Don DePalma joined All Things Global Powered by Vistatec to discuss, well, a lot. Don’s incredibly important blog post, “Mastering Globalization in the De-Globalization Era,” should be required reading for everyone in the localization business, and it serves as the foundation for the conversation.

The 60-minute ATG format revealed how even more substantive discussion and thinking needs to be had around Don’s main points. Reading the blog post and then viewing this episode is a fantastic way to develop your own understanding of these points and the nuances pertaining to each one. It is guaranteed to open your mind to the challenges and solutions this presents to your unique localization environment.

Throughout the episode, Don references the de-globalization era and how it impacts specific localization functions. “Globalization is not a simple process. Understand and tackle the complexity!” is the recurring theme. The operationally complex world of localization – ever-increasing authoring/source locations, the technology that ties content together, the need to manage multiple languages/locales – is a given. What makes the “de-globalization” world ever more challenging is the fact that different types of regulatory, linguistic, taxation, and tracking requirements are being added at a rapid clip around the globe.

Don’s relatable examples transform theory into something tangible. The Splinternet? Explained. What types of legal requirements might suddenly appear in various regions? Check. “Human at the Core,” potential new roles for linguists, enduring and compelling customer experiences, hyper vs. the right amount of localization, and brand authenticity in the new age are all included, as are Don’s expectedly interesting asides. He uses American musical theater, taxes on magazines in Indiana, the Cockney accent/machine translation conundrum, and how new market entry in this era is like meeting your in-laws for the first time to bring each topic to life.

Inclusive Language and Accessibility

Don also comments on inclusive language and accessibility – and how differently these terms and their use are interpreted by locale. In a thoughtful extrapolation on this topic, an unexpected introduction to even more complexity arises as Don explores the need for machine translation to be both responsive and responsible. The need to respect everyone can and should be reflected in machine learning and training.

You won’t become an expert in everything Don writes and discusses in this episode – no one is yet – but what a great foundation it all provides! Don’s bottom line is that hiring and maintaining personnel who understand and can act on these new-era realities is the key to future success. Read the blog and listen/watch this episode of All Things Global to learn just how critical this content is to your future business.