Mainstream Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Brands


People are increasingly aware of how many organizations across the world are focusing on this vitally important eco-friendly era.

Many companies of all shapes and sizes are becoming more focused on improved business practices and working harder and smarter for their brands to be more responsible.

Interestingly in the Nielsen Global Sustainability report, 66% of people said that they would pay more for products from environmentally friendly companies.

With consumers spending more of their time and money on businesses that reflect their values, the benefits are significant. The landscape is increasingly socially-conscious, and this is important in terms of contributing to a healthier planet for everyone.

At a real tangible everyday level, we like to contribute to our broader efforts with visible and meaningful activities that can, with small adjustments, become much more environmentally friendly.

We have seen how this can be as simple as upgrading the water fountains in the offices to environmentally friendly filtered water alternatives with paper instead of plastic cups.

For events, we have engaged with a local supplier who delivers 100% compostable plates, cups, cutlery, and straws.

Even gifts and hampers that are used by departments within our organization came from the same company. Ultimately, this helps us to that delivered on our requirement for sustainable gifting.

While some people may feel that it is a trend, we do hope that we are doing our small part to help bring sustainability more mainstream.