Strategystorming, Storytelling, and Digital Leadership – VistaTalks Ep 101


Strategystorming, Storytelling, and Digital Leadership - VistaTalks Ep 101

In this episode of VistaTalks, Doyle Buehler joins host Simon Hodgkins. Doyle has consulted, coached, taught, and inspired many in the areas of digital leadership and strategy. He is the author of the book #Breakthrough: Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence, and Authority. He is an active member of the Grey Swan Guild and has been a judge at the Think Global Awards. Doyle is a Chief Expedition Officer and has worked with organizations worldwide.

Doyle discusses strategy and specifically digital strategy. He explains how he began the Strategy Expedition Ensei Mastery – Strategy Storming. Being a digital expert, he shares his thoughts on brands he feels are getting it right and what strategic approaches in digital marketing he sees successful brands deploying globally. 

Strategystorming is the artfulness of business and strategy. It’s a business strategy with a re-invention edge and a built-in competitive advantage that focuses on you and your solutions. It’s how we knowingly become more aware of the strategy and how we can get it to work directly for us. And, ultimately, how to craft and execute exceptional strategies for increasing growth and profit.

Doyle provides his thoughts and advice for individuals working in businesses today who are trying to navigate the current landscape. The world continues through rapid changes and news cycles, and organizations and brands focus on connection, communication, and strategic thinking.

The episode moves onto the important storytelling area in business, as Doyle is joining several Think Global Forum Roundtable discussions on this topic. He explains his thoughts on this strategy component for companies looking to expand globally and how storytelling connects with digital transformation. In his book, Doyle further explains how you deliver remarkable value to a thriving audience as you ultimately develop your digital authority to scale and grow your business.