Think Global Forum – European Launch


Think Global Forum – European Launch

Simon Hodgkins, Editor in Chief VTQ, Founder Think Global Forum

Following the successful development of the Think Global Forum in the United States, this fast growing forum has now expanded into Europe.

With an already established network of forums across the USA covering the Technology, Travel, Manufacturing and Life Science industries, the expansion into Europe has seen three new forums launched so far!

Think Global Forum Europe — Travel

The first forum to launch in Europe was the Think Global Forum Travel Europe. This new forum consisted of many travel leaders from across Europe attending the launch event and the initial meeting of the newly appointed Forum Executives took place in London on October 4, 2017. This newly formed group of European Travel thought leaders convened for a second Forum Executive meeting in April, 2018 in central London.

Think Global Forum Europe — Retail

The second forum to launch in Europe was an entirely new industry focus for the Think Global Forum. On December 6, 2018, a new Retail and eCommerce forum was launched. The launch event was held close to Covent Gardens and saw the Forum Executives discussing the rapid changes, challenges, and opportunities in the retail and ecommerce sector.

Think Global Forum Europe — Technology

The third forum launch event was hosted in Dublin, Ireland. The event launch location was one of the world’s most unique venues, Croke Park. More than a stadium, Croke Park is Ireland’s greatest amphitheatre.

The Think Global Forum Technology Europe Event included industry thought leaders and technology speakers followed by the inaugural meeting of the newly appointed technology Forum Executives.

It has been a very busy and exciting time at the Think Global Forum, we have many USA and European Forums and we are delighted to be expanding the forum further in 2018.

We are thankful to the growing number of community members, world class speakers and industry experts who have joined us on this journey.

We are particularly honoured to have the high calibre of Forum Executives who have provided tremendous industry insights and thought leadership.

This article first appeared in VTQ Magazine. 
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